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  • Server 2 improv captain's game

    Well, I went to server 2 when about 4 guys were playing on aaa, then we switched to italy, and using my t-admin powers I spoke to evryone while i was dead to start a captian's game. It was awesome. No rule inflictions, and everyone cooperated, with the exception of one who was in a fire fight as we called him back. Other than that the comm was awesome, and we all had fun. I think that server 2 should always be a captain's game server if there are enough players, and a t-admin, or admin is there to speak to everyone. We needed no special freeze times, or round lengths, or all say to make it work. The aptain's game was awesome, and I think it is still goign on. We even intoduced .:eM|Superman|TG|, and |TG|max-death to the idea of captain's games. It can work, we can make it happen. Someone, maybe me, can or will make instuctions to organize improv captain's game, and to play them. Well, If no one can make one in about a day or if anybody wants to make one, I'll start to write it up, send it to a real admin for editing, then post it here, or maybe an admin can put it in the sop or here or something. I think that the captain's game was awsome tonight, and Good job to the T and CT captain's EKIM, and snoopy!!!

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    Re: Server 2 improv captain's game

    It was real Beth. Defiantly great communication on every team I was on. It was orderly for the most part. I enjoyed it greatly.




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