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  • hello

    i love the SOPs. i read them. i have read them. and the new skins... GREAT. I guess its a full moon

    tonight. We should get together on the forums and make certain times listed. like prime times where good

    TG players get together and play scheduled games and such. of course this would be when S2 is back

    up. but it would be fun to have a certain map picked out of the rotation for say like 8 players and such.

    Say S1 is full and 8 players go to S2 just as a small game.... this is cool to me because it will develop

    comunication and all sorts of other skillz. well just seein what you all think. maybe more than one person

    could comment on this. maybe

    your beloved =DankO=
    and milk is way better now

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    Re: hello

    that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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      Re: hello

      DankO, you're invited to use any form of contact listed in my profile to contact me at your convenience.
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