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  • My Spray...

    I have been trying, without luck, to make a transparent spray without having to buy Photoshop. I've looked at a million "spray making tutorials" and found that nothing works. I used Wally as well as a number of other programs. I am now turning to my last resort... If some kind soul is out there willing to help me, ill sent you the picture in an e-mail and you could fix the background to make it transparent and send it back. If you are willing to help please PM me with your e-mail address.


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    Re: My Spray...

    Originally posted by catcherguy247
    If you are willing to help please PM me with your e-mail address.
    Any chance we can have responses posted here? I'm just thinking this may come up again, and it would be useful info to have in the forum.

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      Re: My Spray...

      Your right root... (YOUR SO SMART!) =)


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        Re: My Spray...

        Well, you could get PS CS2 for free, but we don't do that, and it is immoral. I'll PM you with details.

        All I know is that you have to save the file in targa format. I'll figure out a way to do it, and reply here, unless someone posts a better faster response.

        this might help fro now as a starting point, i'll get the whole process worked out soon.


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          Re: My Spray...

          Thanks Beth,
          Ive been pulling out tons of hair over this thanks alot.


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            Re: My Spray...


            this is the one that make sit the easisest

            if you have a program that can make transparent images.

            I'll make a detailed walkthrough asap

            Legally too

            I did it before, but i forgot how, can you post your proposed image, and ill try my best

            this is harder than i thought. I did it before, but it no work now. too bad css doesn't support png. I have fireworks, but fireworks isn't comign through.

            try this one too

            .tga is definitaly the format, but to convert it presents a problem.
            I can't get the transparency to work correctly, but maybe i need to convert it twice or somethign.

            lets collectivly search the all might google for an answer, i'll look first

            here is a good how to for animated sprays

            there also might be a specific color pattern like black/pink checker board to indicate trans[paency.

            most of the high-end sprays seem to be vtf so far, i might need to look into that

            i used my deductive logic to figure out that to make a transparent spray you must do 2 things
            #1. Have a program to convert files into .vtf format
            #2. FInd the color gray in these images

            then you can upload the .vtf files into CS:S and use that color grey to make transparent stuff.
            step 2 for me find the color grey and the program.

            i am trying to dl some good "dummy" sprays that i can find a good readme file attached.

            transparent imgages in CSS are vtf for sure- prime example
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              Re: My Spray...

              vtf editor on csbanana


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                Re: My Spray...

                Here's the previous research I did on making CSS sprays:

                Hope it helps. If not, hope you know how to google... :row__641:
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                  Re: My Spray...

                  I can't do it anymore. Me have no skillz
                  I have this cool spray though.
                  PCS ROCKS

                  I can post one that is editable to put whatever name you want on it if you would like.


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                    Re: My Spray...

                    that would be awesome beth. did you do that in PS??


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                      Re: My Spray...

                      You can email me the picture and i'll do it for you.

                      - -


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                        Re: My Spray...

                        Here is the "original" pic. I just want the background transparent. I did this with paint but thats as far as I can get with it.

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                          Re: My Spray...

                          If you could enlarge it without making it blurred that would be awesome too.


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                            Re: My Spray...

                            i posted the pic but no replies so far, Beth I dont know how to email you the pic, it wont show me ur adress and i cant get a code to put it in the little email box.


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                              Re: My Spray...

                              To catcherguy--Let Vulcan do it(if he wants), he has the Skillz already. I have to aquire mine again.

                              Anyway I used fireworks to make my spray, I'll post a template soon.

                              Darn that was fast. Well, use these ,or just PM me with your PCS logo request and I'll make them for you. BTW, I Invented the logo you see here.
                              <--unflattened png template (most work required)
                              <--flattened jpg (Ready to spray)
                              <-- flattened jpg template (add your name via paint orother program)




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