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Help Kark: Odd Freeze-up

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  • Help Kark: Odd Freeze-up

    I have two problems, one is lesser. The lesser one is that when I first join the server and load the map, the game might minimize. Its odd, but I can just alt-tab right back up. The second sucks. Three times now I've been on the server for one map, and then the map has ended. All three times at different intervals, sometimes while loading a map I already had, once when I was downloading a new map, it freezes. I can still see my mouse move, though. Pressing alt tab, alt f4, f10, etc does nothing. If I press ctrl alt dlt a few times, it pops up an error saying it couldnt start task manager. Pressing the windows button pops up my lower tool bar for a second, but its unresponsive. Clicking cancel does nothing, and when I close or move windows their various positions are frozen on the screen. And I am forced to restart.

    Any help?

    Win XP SP2
    Radeon 9700 Pro
    AMD Athlon 2600+
    1 gig RAM
    Santa Cruz Turtle Beach soundcard

    I have not recently updated my drivers, nor have I added or changed any hardware.

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    Re: Help Kark: Odd Freeze-up

    I get this mid game and it is very frustrating..making me restart my computer. Someone mentioned to me that it could be the CPU..I dont know about computers though. Just know that you are not alone! :-)

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      Re: Help Kark: Odd Freeze-up

      First step is to update your graphics / sound drivers just in case. After that, you need advice from someone that knows about computers.
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