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Blindfiring... Hostages

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  • Blindfiring... Hostages

    I was playing a round today on Tactical Gamer (map: cs_militia_tm2) on Terrorist when all of the sudden my teammate who was sitting right next to me in the garage where the hostages were kept was shot. He was shot from outside in, so I said to them "Control your blindfiring". The CT's insisted that what he was doing was not blindfiring because..
    A) They knew the location of the hostages
    B) There was a glitch so my teammates gun was sticking out of the wall, which the counter terrorists insisted was a target.

    You may not blindfire into hostage room, only when you have a target, as I understand. I would like some clarification as to if the gun is a live target, and if you know which corner the camping terrorist is in, if you're allowed to fire at it (I know the answer to this one, I just think that it needs to be restated.)
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    Re: Blindfiring... Hostages

    The question as I understand it, is this : If you see a weapon sticking through a wall or closed door, is shooting at it considered blind firing?

    The answer is yes. The weapon isn't the target. The guy holding it is.
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