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Hello Everybody, Long Time no see!

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  • Hello Everybody, Long Time no see!

    Hey everyone! Remember me way back from the start of Network 42 PCS? I used to be -=Vicious=- paintballer ... does anyone know if VP or Apophis still play some CS? Anyways, I've checked out the Tactical Gamer site a while ago and it seems nobody plays CS on here anymore... I'm starting my own 12 man server, that I'm going to try to get a lot of people on, and I'm looking for good admins, its going to be modeled after the old Network 42 PCS server. Hopefully it will get bigger than a 12 man 1.6 ff-on Team-based server after a month or two. I remember some of you I see on here, Cingular, eternal, saw someone else...

    Wassabi, wanna be admins?

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    Sure, I'm always looking for *good* servers to play on; including :( *sniff* :( TG, which *sniff* is always empty when I can play. But come on over to TG too, ok? I was on last night with 1 other player (really!), hoping someone would notice & jump on.


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      is there a public server? I can't really afford to pay to be a member since I'm pioneering this other one..


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        I'll gladly join your server. I haven't played much CS in the last few months but I still have "the itch". ;D


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          VP is gone? Oh no! I was going to con him into using his l33t graphic design skills to help me make a logo for a webpage, etc. :(

          The server should be up tommorrow (wednesday) night). I'll keep you'll updated.. right now there is a forum setup for temporary use on the wc3 clan's page I'm renting from here:

          The motto is the same: Backup, Ojective, Kill. I always thought that was the way your priorities should be if you want to win, and the motto seemed to work well on n42.

          when I left Vicious (actually I thought Vicious disbanded, someone said they are still around and big? whats their webpage? it used to be )I stopped playing for about a year, the only thing that got me back into it was wc3 just because it was new and different, which I have been addicted to for about 4 or 5 months now... but its getting really old and repetitive... i'm ready to go back to regular, ff on, team-based cs!!! just like n42 back in the golden days!

          Look forward to seeing you guys on there... eternal you're getting admin. Apophis, RandomGuy & Cingular : would you 3 want to help keep my CS utopia a utopia too? I'd love to have you as an admin. Weren't we in Vicious together eternal? I thought you were in Vicious.... maybe I'm dillusional.


          P.S. Eternal, love the avatar


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            P.P.S: I'm also looking for some admins from Europe/Asia too, I'm really serious about having admins from as many timezones as possible so that people will understand.. this server is DEDICATED to Team-Play. I don't want people to be able to be dickheads here for more than 2 rounds w/o their ass getting kicked out the door, even when I'm sleeping!


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              you need to get populated first, which is not easy. TG has been public for a long time but I never see a game just spontaneously occur with random public players. to be honest I have no idea what it takes to get a steady flow of players.

              also, plz post your steam id/handle.


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                Sorry I can't help you, Craig, but I'm dedicating all of my gaming hours to BF:1942 now...

                I wouldn't mind having a N42 reunion CS night once a month or so...
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                  Originally posted by Killians
                  i'm ready to go back to regular, ff on, team-based cs!!! just like n42 back in the golden days!

                  I remember those days. Server would always fill up right after school and you could even find 5v5 until midnight sometimes. We had so many fantastic maps.

                  Speaking of which...does the server here still run a bunch of custom maps? Unless they're the standard fy_ maps, custom maps will get rid of pubbies quicker than kryptonite kills Superman's hardon. The only exception being an already-existing community of players who know each other and are willing to try new maps with each other, of course.


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                    Good point kaxman. I really want all those cool custom maps on this server, that is a big reason other than gameplay I want this server! I miss de_foption, csde_tropic, de_turbine, cs_arabstreets, cs_rio, cs_robbery, CS_CARZ, CS_CARZ, CS_CARZ!!! I wouldn't mind having a cs_carz 24/7 server to tell you the truth ;-)

                    But anyways, it might be a good idea to just keep officials on to get a good public base for a while, the admining will have to be constant and strict to where we can convince the good public players to stay, and make all the ones that don't fit in our community banned. Then we can start adding the customs kind of slowly (in all reality I can think of about 40 or 50 maps I wouldn't mind having on the server)... but nobody *besides me* is going to just go download a 200 MB map pack.. we'll have to let them chip away at it by adding them 2 or 3 at a time every few days to a week.

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                      Well, I'm building wine (, wait, for like the fourth time) and I'll be mucking with steam until I get it working again. I had it for a few days but apparently I managed to break it sometime between Christmas and now. Meh.


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                        As long as it's packaged in one large mappack and easily downloadable from a single place, I don't care. I don't like hunting and getting individual maps. I'll be playing more cs I think. I miss it.




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