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  • Slow Your Roll!

    I'm not the best twitcher: that's how I got my "First to Die(tm)" reputation. I'm usually caught off guard by a superior twitcher while enroute to my designated position.

    There are ways around this, mostly relating to changing the speed of the game.

    By grabbing a pistol, and going slow, I get more kills, live longer, and have a greater liklihood of achieving the objective than just running into the grinder.

    Which makes it puzzling why so many players on server 1 just run up long hall on cs_italy, or straight into bombsite A on de_aaa. What's the hurry? Do you want to sit out most of the round? How is rushing in helping your team?

    Nine minutes are a mightly long time, yet players seem to think that its some type of time trial. It's not.

    A more successful method of play is to play slowly, deliberately, checking corners, removing obstacles as you go. By slowing down the tempo, you control the game.

    Next time you find yourself getting owned, remember: it's not how fast you get there, it's achieving the objective that counts.

    So Slow your roll! Victory goes not to the swift, but those who control the battle.
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    Re: Slow Your Roll!

    Last time I checked, round times were 9 minutes, not 7.
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      Re: Slow Your Roll!

      Mateo says:
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        Re: Slow Your Roll!

        Patience always wins in the end. If you know when to act without hesitation anyway.

        Which i dont, regardless i agree with Mateo.
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          Re: Slow Your Roll!

          unless you have a good sniper long hall...then Boom Head Shot

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            Re: Slow Your Roll!

            There's nothing wrong with a designated team rush to catch the other half off guard, but I know what you're saying.

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              Re: Slow Your Roll!

              Originally posted by TG_Mateo
              ... remember: it's not how fast you get there, it's achieving the objective that counts.
              Yup yup, this advice holds true in the bedroom as well. ;p
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