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  • Your CS:S Arsenal

    This post will detail information about the variety of guns 'n gear avaliable in CS:S.

    It is important to know your arsenal in any game. In ours servers, a player should base their purchases off the needs the team's plan calls for. Work with your team to decide each member's outfit and what is necessary for them to have. Knowing how to spend your money to get the most bang for your buck is also a quality trait. Important numbers to note...
    • Full set of grenades: $1000
    • Kevlar/Helmet: $1000
    • Defuse Kit: $200
    • Total with kit: $2200
    • Total without kit: $2000



    Knife: (free) Each player starts out with a combat Ka-bar knife; unlike the other weapons, the knife cannot be dropped. The knife has a fast, low-damage primary attack and a slow, high-damage secondary attack which can kill opponents with two stabs, if not one. Since version 1.6, both attacks inflict more damage when attacking an enemy in the back. Players are able to run faster with the knife equipped than with any primary weapon other than lighter submachine guns and the Scout sniper rifle. For this reason knives are often equipped when rushing.


    Glock 18: ($400; 20 rounds) The GLOCK 18 Select Fire 9mm is the pistol Terrorists automatically start with, although it can be dropped and replaced with a different purchase. It costs $400, has 20-round 9mm magazines, and can be fired in either semi-automatic or burst mode, which fires three shots rapidly and is typically most effective at close range. The semi-automatic can require an experienced player to use effectively, especially when compared to the USP.
    Advantages of the GLOCK 18 include its large magazine size, high stopping power (enemies struck by a bullet from a Glock are momentarily stunned), fast rate of fire, choice of semi-auto or burst fire modes and the ability of burst-fire to stay fairly accurate while the player is in the air. It has no recoil, but firing quickly will still result in poor accuracy. Disadvantages of the GLOCK 18 include its meager power and the fact that it is not accurate at anything further than close to medium range.

    H&K USP .45 Tactical: ($500; 12 rounds) The Heckler & Koch USP45 Tactical is the pistol automatically given to spawning Counter-Terrorists. It costs $500, has 12-round .45 ACP magazines, and has an optional silencer, use of which slightly reduces accuracy, damage, and rate of fire, but makes it difficult for an opposing player to detect your position when you are firing at them from long distances.
    Advantages of the USP include its high accuracy, power, general ease of use (when compared to the Terrorists' equivalent, the GLOCK) and the aforementioned suppressor. Disadvantages include a merely average amount of ammo (12 rounds per magazine), more recoil than some of the other pistols and a weakness against opponents with armor.

    Desert Eagle: ($650; 7 rounds) The IMI Desert Eagle .50 AE has the most raw power of any pistol in the game. It costs $650 and has the 7-round magazines of a .50 Action Express. The main advantage of this pistol is its high power: it is the only pistol in the game with the ability to shoot through walls/armor like a rifle. Disadvantages include its small ammo capacity (7 rounds with 35 in reserve), relativity slow rate of fire and reload speed and its price (the Desert Eagle is the third most expensive pistol in the game). Despite its high price, the Desert Eagle is still cheaper than a rifle or SMG yet formidable against both; players short on funds often purchase a Desert Eagle and use it to acquire a better weapon. The Desert Eagle is very precise and has heavy recoil due to its high caliber.

    SIG P228: ($600; 13 rounds) The SIGARMS Sig P228 costs $600 and uses 13-round magazines of .357 SIG ammo. It is moderately powerful, holds a respectable 13 round clip, and is only slightly less accurate than the USP. Its rate of fire is faster than that of most other pistols allowing the user to get off more shots than an opposing player. The P228 does marginally less damage to an unarmored opponent compared to a USP. Despite that, its armour penetration ability is superior to the .45 USP and in later rounds when opponents usually buy body armour, the P228 can hold its own as a respectable side arm. The P228 does have not much of an advantage over the USP45 Tactical that the Counter-Terrorists spawn with, although for Terrorists the P228 is a good alternative to the GLOCK 18.

    Dual Beretta 96G Elites: ($800; 30 rounds) The dual Beretta 96G Elite IA 40 S&W are a pair of pistols that can be wielded akimbo (one in each hand) and are only available to the Terrorist team. One can assume that this pistol was chosen as the "Dual-Wield" weapon in the game because of the Beretta 96's Double Action trigger pull on the first shot. This feature means that the Dualies do not need to be cocked to load in the first cartridge, a feat that would be rather complicated since both hands are busy holding the pistols.

    FN-Herstal Five-SeveN: ($750; 20 rounds) The FN-Herstal Five-seveN is only available to the Counter-Terrorist team. It costs $750 and uses 20-round magazines of 5.7mm ammo. This is an extremely accurate gun with low recoil and large, 20-round magazines. However, the Five-SeveN is expensive and has very little power per round, sometimes requiring three or more shots to the head to kill an opponent, making it less useful since the point of a pistol is effective close-range kills


    Note: Shotguns are reloaded one shell at a time and can be fired while reloading. Unlike other guns, shotgun accuracy is the same regardless of whether the player is moving, jumping, crouching, swimming or on a ladder which, although very unrealistic, adds a great amount of fun in using a shotgun, and therefore attracts more users.

    Benelli M3 (pump shotgun): ($1700; 8 shots) The Benelli M3 Super 90 Combat is round-for-round the more powerful of the two shotguns. It costs $1700 and holds 8 rounds of 12 gauge shells. The M3 is a pump-action weapon that is pumped after each shot to advance the next shell (hence the nickname "pump shottie"). Being a shotgun, its accuracy is not reduced while the player is moving, jumping, swimming or climbing a ladder, but the main strength of the M3 is its high damage: at close range it can kill with one shot. Its disadvantages include its pumping time and the need for precise timing and aiming.

    Benelli XM1014 (auto shotgun): ($3000; 7 rounds) The Benelli M4 Super 90 XM1014 is an automatic shotgun. It costs $3000 and holds 7 12-gauge shells. The XM1014 has a high rate of fire, but it empties quickly and each shot does less damage than the M3. As an automatic shotgun, it requires neither timing nor the accuracy of the M3.


    MP5: ($1500; 30 shots): The Heckler & Koch MP5 9mm Navy costs $1500 and has 30-round magazines of 9mm Parabellum ammo. It is one of four weapons in the game chambered in 9mm Parabellum (MP5, GLOCK 18, TMP and "Dualies"), dealing less damage than the Dualies, but more than the GLOCK and TMP. Because of this, as well as its decent accuracy and ease of control, it is one of the most popular weapons in the game, particularly in early rounds when its low price is a significant advantage. Its low recoil also makes it relatively easy to achieve headshots.

    TMP: ($1250; 30 shots) The Steyr Tactical Machine Pistol 9mm is a gun exclusive to the Counter-Terrorist team. It costs $1250 and has 30-round magazines of 9mm Parabellum ammo. It's chambered with the same type of round as the MP5 (9x19mm), but due to balancing issues and a fixed suppressor it deals very little damage, but can be used to obtain a headshot very easily. It is the cheapest fully automatic firearm, reloads very quickly, has a high rate of fire and remains fairly accurate while moving.

    MAC-10: ($1400; 30 rounds) The Ingram MAC-10 .45ACP is a Terrorist-only gun. It costs $1400 and has 30-round magazines of .45 ACP ammo. It is a fearsome weapon at close quarters: it is more powerful than the TMP, and like that weapon, the MAC-10 has a fast rate of fire, is not difficult to control and makes it easy to achieve a head shot. However, its extreme inaccuracy means it is only effective at short ranges — the MP5 is a similar price but is more versatile, so many players opt for that gun instead.

    UMP45: ($1700; 25 rounds) The Heckler & Koch UMP .45ACP is similar to the MP5 but is slightly more powerful. It costs $1700 and has 25-round magazines of .45 ACP ammo. It has the lowest rate of fire for any gun beside the pistols, but this helps reduce recoil. Also, its accuracy remains high while moving, making it one of the steadiest SMGs. The first round ejected from this gun after each reload is a perfect shot, no matter if the user is moving, jumping, climbing, or any other action that changes accuracy. Unfortunately, its low rate of fire, long reload time and higher price make it a rarely used weapon, in contrast to its very popular MP5 relative.

    P90: ($2350; 50 rounds) The Fabrique Nationale FN P90 5.7x28mm is an SMG that uses 50-round magazines of 5.7mm ammo. At $2350 it is the most expensive SMG, and players often instead opt to purchase rifles for a slightly higher (or in the case of the FAMAS and Galil, slightly lower) price. However, the large magazine is an advantage in longer shootouts. The P90 has decent accuracy and the highest rate of fire of any gun in the game at 900 to 1200 rpm. It is best at close to medium range and has very low recoil so spraying is the best tactic with this gun.


    Galil: ($2000; 35 rounds) The IMI Galil 5.56 is the cheap Terrorist-only counterpart of the Counter-Terrorists' FAMAS. It costs $2000 and has 35-round magazines of 5.56x45mm ammo (same as the M4A1, but much weaker). It is a good gun when money is tight, especially since it has a slightly larger magazine than other rifles (35 rounds vs 30 rounds). The benefit of using the Galil is that it has the recoil of a submachine gun but has the stopping power of a rifle. The recoil is different than most guns, however. Instead of moving upwards a lot it moves more side to side, making it harder to control and spray. Because of this it is not suggested to spray much at all with this gun except at almost point blank range.

    FAMAS: The GIAT FAMAS 5.56 is a cheap rifle exclusive to the Counter-Terrorists, similar in role to the Galil (and like the Galil, it was added in version 1.6). It costs $2250 and has 25-round magazine of 5.56x45mm ammo (as with the M4A1, but again, slightly weaker). Secondary fire toggles between fully automatic and a 3-round burst mode, which is more accurate over long distances than the Glock's 3-round burst. The former mode is most suited to close-range combat, while the unrealistically recoilless 3-round burst function makes the FAMAS very dangerous at mid to long-range.

    AK-47: ($2500; 30 rounds) The AK-47 7.62 is a Terrorist-only rifle and the team's most popular gun. It costs $2500 and has 30 rounds of 7.62x51mm ammo. The AK-47 is slightly more powerful than the CTs' M4A1 and the first shot is more accurate; its reload time is also the quickest of any rifle. Headshots from this gun almost always kill in 1 shot, unlike the M4 where it's quite possible to survive a headshot. The AK-47 is arguably the best rifle in the game; however, it can be a poor choice for inexperienced players due to its erratic recoil and low accuracy when fired full-auto.

    Colt M4A1: ($3100; 30 rounds) The Colt M4 Carbine (usually just called "Colt" or "M4") is exclusive to the Counter-Terrorists, and is greatly appreciated for its handling characteristics. It costs $3100 and has a 30-round magazine of 5.56x45mm ammo. Secondary fire adds or removes a silencer. The Colt is very accurate, controllable, and powerful; indeed, it is perhaps the most-well rounded and forgiving rifle in the game. The damage is high (although not as high as the AK) and when using a suppressor, it can make you hard to find by the enemy. It previously had a scope, but this was removed from the game for balance reasons, since it was generally believed that it made the Colt a decent long-range gun, in addition to its dominance in close and medium ranges. It is to be noted that for some reason, the M4 doesn't have much side-to-side recoil, which makes it the one of the easiest to control rifles in the game.

    AUG: ($3500; 30 rounds) The Steyr Mannlicher Steyr AUG 5.56 is a scoped rifle for the Counter-Terrorists. It costs $3500 and has a 30-round magazine of 5.56x45mm ammo. The secondary fire button activates its 2x scope and reduces its rate of fire. It is slightly more accurate than the M4A1 but is comparably more expensive. When unzoomed, the AUG seems to be slightly more accurate when firing one round at a time, but less accurate when attempting to fire many rounds fully-automatically than its Terrorist counter-part, the SG-552 Commando. This gun is most effective when aimed just below the neck and shot with 3-4 round bursts.

    SIG-552: ($3500; 30 rounds) The SIGARMS SG552 5.56 Commando is the Terrorist-only counter-part of the Counter-Terrorists' AUG. It costs $3500 and has 30-round magazines of 5.56x45mm ammo. The secondary fire activates its 2x scope, improving its longer range effectiveness but reducing its rate of fire. Accuracy is very similar to the AUG, although some differences in recoil appear when firing quickly.

    Steyr Scout: ($2750; 10 rounds) The Steyr Scout Tactical Sniper Rifle is the cheapest but least powerful sniper rifle. It costs $2750, and has 10-round magazines of 7.62x51mm ammo; it is bolt-action, and the secondary fire activates its 2-10x scope. The Scout is not a particularly powerful gun; the only way to kill in one shot is with a headshot.
    Despite being considerably less powerful, the Scout has several advantages over the other bolt-action rifle, the Arctic Warfare Magnum. These include: Being the lightest weapon of the game, being much quieter - almost completely inaudible beyond medium range, a much lower price tag; larger ammunition reserves, less controversy involved, and a higher level of accuracy without a scope and when running. The Scout was added in Beta 4.0.
    However, it also has several distinct disadvantages. Not being a "one hit kill" weapon given anything but a headshot means that it is much less forgiving; it also makes it difficult to successfully stay hidden when sniping. For these reasons, many players consider it a more elegant weapon; its quietness makes it closer to real-life sniping, and the time required to master its use means that to be consistently successful with the Scout is regarded by many as a sign of expertise.

    Heavy Weapons

    M249 ($5750; 100 rounds) The Fabrique Nationale M249 5.56 PARA is the only machine gun and the most expensive item in the game. It costs $5750 and is fed by 100-round belts that require several seconds to reload. It has far more rounds in a single magazine than any other gun in the game and works well at providing covering fire and at clearing out rooms. The M249 is hard to control in fully automatic, though contrary to popular belief, it is actually fairly accurate when used in single or burst fire.

    Counter-Terrorist Only
    Terrorist Only


    Kevlar: ($650/1000) Kevlar body armor costs $650 and offers some protection from bullets and HE grenades. Players can also buy kevlar armor with a helmet for $1000 that saves players from one-shot kills to the head by most weapons - though sniper rifles, the AK-47 and the Desert Eagle are still able to penetrate the helmet with a direct hit.

    Hand Explosive Grenade: ($300) The high explosive (HE) grenade costs $300 and a player can only carry one at a time. HE grenades typically do about 1-92 points of damage to un-armored opponents at the point of explosion and 1-50 points of damage to armored opponents.

    Flashbang Grenade: ($200) Flashbang grenades cost $200 and a player can carry two of them. Players near or facing a detonating flashbang grenade will have their screen turn white (sound will also turn off, to be replaced by a high pitched ringing in the ears) for several seconds if the player is close enough to the point of activation, providing a moment for attackers to overtake the disoriented players.

    Smoke Grenade: ($300) The smoke grenade costs $300 and a player can only carry one at a time. Smoke creates a distraction and can provide cover in the vicinity.

    Defuse Kit: ($200) The defuse kit is for the Counter-Terrorists on bomb-defusal maps and costs $200. It halves the time required to defuse the bomb (5 seconds instead of the usual 10).

    Nightvision Goggles: ($1250) Night vision goggles (NVG) cost $1250. They allow the wearer to see in total darkness. Taking NVG on and off makes a distinct sound that your enemies can hear. In normal light, the goggles can make things difficult to see. The goggles are relatively expensive for their worth, as there are few maps with areas dark enough to warrant the use of NVG.

    Speed List
    From fastest to slowest.
    • Schmidt Scout, odd considering it is heavier than the knife or most pistols
    • Combat knife, grenades
    • H&K USP .45 Pistol, Glock 18 Select Fire
    • FN Five-seveN
    • Desert Eagle, SiG P228, Dual Berettas
    • Benelli M3 Super 90 shotgun, Benelli XM1014 shotgun
    • Ingram MAC-10, Steyr TMP
    • H&K MP5 Navy
    • FN P90, H&K UMP 45
    • AK-47, M4A1
    • Steyr AUG, Sig SG-552
    • H&K G3/SG-1 Sniper, Sig SG-550 Sniper, AI Artic Warfare Magnum
    • FN M249 PARA

    Base Damage (chest/head)
    • AWP - 115/459 (********** - 10)
    • G3SG1 - 80/319 (********* - 9)
    • Scout - 75/299 (********* - 9)
    • SG550 - 70/279 (********* - 9)
    • Deagle - 56/214 (******** - 8)
    • M3 – 43/172 (******** - 8)
    • XM1014 – 38/153 (******* - 7)
    • AK47 - 36/143 (******* - 7)
    • Berettas – 36/142 (******* - 7)
    • USP - 33/134 (****** - 6)
    • SG552 - 33/131 (***** - 6)
    • M4A1 - 33/131 (**** - 6)
    • Aug - 32/127 (**** - 5)
    • M249 - 32/127 (**** - 5)
    • P228 - 31/127 (**** - 5)
    • Galil - 30/119 (*** - 4)
    • Famas - 30/119 (*** - 4)
    • UMP - 30/119 (*** - 4)
    • Mac-10 - 29/115 (** - 3)
    • Mp5 - 26/103 (** - 2)
    • P-90 - 26/103 (* - 2)
    • TMP - 26/103 (* - 2)
    • Glock - 24/98 (** - 1)
    • 5Seven - 20/79 (* - 1)

      Head = X, Chest = X / 4, Arm = X / 4, Stomach = X / 3.25, Leg = X / 5.5

      Rate of Fire (Rounds-per-Second)
      Rate of Fire: (Round per Second)
    • P90 – 14 rps (********** - 10)
    • TMP – 14 rps (********* - 9)
    • Famas – 13 rps (******** - 8)
    • Mac-10 – 13 rps (******** - 8)
    • Mp5 – 13 rps (******** - 8)
    • Galil – 12 rps (******* - 7)
    • M4A1 – 12 rps (******* - 7)
    • M249 – 12 rps (******* - 7)
    • Ak47 – 11 rps (****** - 6)
    • Aug A1 – 11 rps (****** - 6)
    • SG552 – 11 rps (****** - 6)
    • UMP – 10 rps (***** - 5)
    • SG550 – 4 rps (**** - 4)
    • G3SG1 – 4 rps (**** - 4)
    • XM1014 – 2.8 rps (*** - 3)
    • Scout – 0.9 rps (** - 2)
    • M3 – 0.8 rps (** - 2)
    • AWP – 0.7 rps (* - 1)

    I do not take credit for the research involved in this, nor any of the typing. I merely copied and pasted from a public source.

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    Re: Your CS:S Arsenal

    very interesting, and useful information


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      Re: Your CS:S Arsenal

      definately gives a different perspective on things! thanks


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        Re: Your CS:S Arsenal

        "Base Damage (chest/head)
        AWP - 115/459 "

        pff personally Ive done 600 dmg on the dot with an AWP :D


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          Re: Your CS:S Arsenal

          Me too, I think the damage is variable and mabey distance plays a factor? Is that with a helmet and kevlar poe?


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            Re: Your CS:S Arsenal

            mine was to the head from about 100yards or so away .. not sure if he had a helmet on or not.. Hell he coulda had a Volkswagon on his head and he woulda died :D


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              Re: Your CS:S Arsenal

              Originally posted by Gogeta
              "Base Damage (chest/head)
              AWP - 115/459 "

              pff personally Ive done 600 dmg on the dot with an AWP :D
              I have no idea how you have done 600... I personally have not done that much at point blank to the head. Maybe the damage was modified on the server. I'm not positive, as it doesn't say, but I assume that the damage listed is without armor. Because there is the following table, also...

              Also, I know distance is a factor as well. If anyone wants me to post that table too, let me know. There is a certain amount of loss per distance.

              Penetration Damage: Armor/Brick/Metal/Wood
              • AWP - 445 / 115 / 131 / 262
              • Scout – 254 / 75 / 85 / 171
              • G3SG1 – 262 / 80 / 91 / 182
              • Ak47 - 110 / 34 / 41 / 82
              • Galil - 92/ 30 / 34 / 68
              • M249 - 95 / 32 / 36 / 72
              • Deagle - 161 / 54 / 61 / 122
              • 5Seven - 59 / 20 / 23 / 46
              • SG550 - 201 / 70 / 80 / 160
              • M4a1 – 92 / 33 / 37 / 74
              • SG552 - 92 / 33 / 37 / 74
              • Aug – 89 / 32 / 36 / 72
              • Famas - 83 / 30 / 34 / 68
              • P-90 - 77 / 26 / 29 / 58
              • P228 - 79 / 32 / 36 / 72
              • UMP - 60 / 30 / 34 / 68
              • TMP - 52 / 26 / 29 / 58
              • Mp5 - 52 / 26 / 29 / 58
              • USP - 67 / 34 / 38 / 76
              • Berettas - 71 / 36 / 41 / 82
              • Glock - 49 / 24 / 28 / 56
              • Mac-10 - 58 / 29 / 33 / 66
              • M3 - 43 / 0 / 0 / 0
              • XM1014 - 38 / 0 / 0 / 0


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                Re: Your CS:S Arsenal

                Originally posted by poe
                I have no idea how you have done 600...
                It was on 1.5... and it was a server that I was in control of so there were no dmg adjustments made. It was a once in a blue moon shot.. Ive never seen another even close to that.


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                  Re: Your CS:S Arsenal

                  This is very useful information. I will use it well. By the way how long did this take you to make?
                  And nice running no scope head shot on Ben :)
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                    Re: Your CS:S Arsenal

                    Uh, oh....

                    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to poe again.
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                      Re: Your CS:S Arsenal

                      Originally posted by CingularDuality
                      Uh, oh....
                      You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to poe again.
                      I get that a lot. :(


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                        Re: Your CS:S Arsenal

                        Thanks alot for the info. It is very helpful. i usually stick to a couple guns, but now i think ill try some more.


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                          Re: Your CS:S Arsenal

                          They allow the wearer to see in total darkness
                          Total.... I dont think so lol it only enhances light right ? I know theres several times where ive had NV and couldnt see a thing :/


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                            Re: Your CS:S Arsenal

                            Originally posted by Gogeta
                            Total.... I dont think so lol it only enhances light right ?
                            If it's true to real life, then you are correct.
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                              Re: Your CS:S Arsenal

                              The scout is faster than the knife well.... because.. the guy is a scouter. He's supposed to be faster than the rest of the team so he can get places a bit faster and take position.




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