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The CTs objective?

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  • The CTs objective?

    The CTs objective is to defend the bomb sites and defend a dropped bomb. (A reminder of PCS, asch)

    PCS or not, last I checked, about 2 minutes ago, this is still the standard rule when it comes to playing any de_XXXX map. So why do we have people bending, if not blatantly breaking, this rule?
    This rule should hold for all players on the TG servers and not just those who aren't displaying the oh-so-fashionable PCS tag.

    I write this due to an incident on de_dust2 and to help hold accountable fellow PCSers.

    I was in T spawn to see how many CTs were going B, since that is where the bomb carrier was headed. I was no threat from T spawn, as I was there only to gather intel., when I am engaged by a CT who came via long A. The bomb was still up and the carrier making he's way to B, in constant comms.

    I retreat from T spawn towards B, trying to find a play to type to the CT in our spawn, to educate him on how things work on a tactical server. On my way to B, the CT catches up to me and kills me, by this time the bomb was down.

    At the start of the next round, I post "I didn’t know CTs could be in T spawn...” To which was responded with “THE BOMMMMMB WASSSS DOWWWWWNNNN". As if I missed this critical fact.

    The point is this CT was already committed to crossing T spawn before the fact that the bomb was down,again the carrier was in constant comms. Under what justification to be in T spawn so early in the round, I do not know....The worst part is the CT was PCS Proven.

    It takes more than three letters to show others how to play...and if you’re wearing the PCS tag then it means you do have what it takes. So don’t go being a bad example for the rest.

    I leave you with this:

    Others should know your PCS status based on how you play and not by the PCS letters in your name.

    Swoop |PCS Proven| (<----this is the only time you’ll see my name written like this)

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    Re: The CTs objective?

    I hope an admin got a PM with players' names in it. Threads like this don't change behavior and clean up server play. PMs from admins do.
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      Re: The CTs objective?

      Originally posted by Wyzcrak
      I hope an admin got a PM with players' names in it. Threads like this don't change behavior and clean up server play. PMs from admins do.
      No page_admin or PM.
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