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Aim practice @ 9:30P EST Monday 6/12

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  • Aim practice @ 9:30P EST Monday 6/12

    Now that I have a few tested aim maps, I would like to invite everyone interested to come to the new AIM server to practice your shooting skills on Monday evening starting at 9:30 Eastern. If you would like to join earlier, feel free, but that's about the time I should be home :)

    The server IP is:

    ADMINS: Can we use TG's TS server for communication purposes? If not I can easily enable alltalk as well.

    The goal is to share ideas on how to improve shooting skills and how to apply these to the PCS style of play.

    I'd also like to start a discussion here on different shooting strategies and how they fit in with PCS.

    I'll start with my own personal style of play.

    First off, I try to shoot heads, as everyone is aware. The reason I do this is because it's obviously much faster to kill someone this way and the goal is to kill the OpFor before they kill you.

    Secondly, I try to stay alive. This means moving... A lot. Learning to strafe, aim, stop, shoot, rinse repeat has proven to be a very valuable skill for me. The longer I can stay alive by dodging fire, the more time I make for myself to aim.

    Thirdly, this leads to my opinion on stealth vs. speed and how to balance it. Stealth has obvious benifits. I try to be as sneaky as possible. However, the second I see an enemy, or alternatively, the moment I turn a corner where I believe there is a high probability of an enemy being close, I drop stealth and go for speed. In other words, when it's time too shoot, I run at normal speed and strafe. I've found that sneaking around corners gets me killed. I've also found that crouching gets me killed as well. Even though in real life they teach you that a smaller target is harder to hit, I've found that in Counter-Strike moving and dodging fire is more effective. Crouch and sneak movement is very slow and it makes it much easier for your enemy to shoot you.

    Fourth, grenades and their usefulness. HE, FB and Smoke grenades have a huge benifit. However, I try to only throw them when I know it won't make me a vulnerable target. What I mean by this is sometimes the time it takes you to throw the grenade is long enough to get you shot dead. That time may have been better utilized shooting at your enemy. I shoot people while they are throwing grenades a lot. I typically only ever throw a grenade when the following criteria have been met:
    1. It will not effect my teammates.
    2. I know the grenades effectiveness will impair the enemy while minimizing my vulnerability (ie bouncing it around a corner)

    Lastly on aim: This thread by poe is an excellent read. It's very thorough and it explains how to shoot while on the move. I recommend reading it if you haven't already.

    I hope to shoot some of you in the face on Monday and I'm excited to see how this will help everyone improve their CS skills on the TG server.

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    Re: Aim practice @ 9:30P EST Monday 6/12

    This whole discussion on aiming and such sounds like a great idea to me. I will most likely be there depending on what my gf ends up doing that night (I know the term P-whipped comes to mind here but I really don't mind considering what's whipping me :P)

    I play a lot of aim maps when the servers are empty and look forward to seeing y'all there.



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      Re: Aim practice @ 9:30P EST Monday 6/12

      I think All Talk would be best; not a lot of team communication is needed in these maps :)
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        Re: Aim practice @ 9:30P EST Monday 6/12

        Originally posted by Rincewind
        I think All Talk would be best; not a lot of team communication is needed in these maps :)
        I agree, but I often have difficulties getting it to work and I haven't had time to open a ticket with the provider yet. =/




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