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  • Problem viewing map

    Well, a picture is worth a thousand words:

    The map is supposed to be backalley_source. I got on, backalley flashed, then the screen went grey and the game minimized. I pulled it back up, and it was still grey. I was told to try again, and it was still grey. I then deleted the 2 files I know are associated with it (the map and the nav), redownloaded, and its still grey. I have yet to determine if it is with this map only, though I played last night and other maps worked (I didn't play this one).

    Does anyone know what the problem may be?

    EDIT: I just got on office, and it too grey-screened me. Dammit. I guess I'll try deleting my CS:S installation and redownloading it.

    EDIT 2: Well, I deleted counterstrike source, emptied my recycle bin, and joined the server. I spent a couple minutes downloading everything again, and it briefly displayed office before reverting to grey. I am now at a total loss.
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    Re: Problem viewing map

    broken driver?

    Try reinstalling graphics driver.

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      Re: Problem viewing map

      Yeah, that was my first guess too.
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        Re: Problem viewing map

        Originally posted by Final Post
        Nvm! I verified the game cache, then rebooted and seems to be working fine now. Those console errors still appear, but have no effect on me now.


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          Re: Problem viewing map

          Reinstalling my drivers worked! And I am duly slapping myself in the face for again not thinking about obvious possible causes for a problem. As a side note, nvidia makes it a bit confusing to determine the correct driver to download. They have one for 'GeForce and TNT2' as well as 'GeForce Go 7800 GTX'. What I have is the 'GeForce 7800 GTX', minus the Go. I found it's the former, but they could have made it less confusing.





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