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    To enable us to prepare for future updates to mani and to trial other server-based improvements to PCS, I have made a backup copy of the PCS instance of SRCDS.

    The IP for both instances is the same ; one must be shut down before the other can be launched. You will be able to connect to whichever version is active from your steam server browser, xfire, HLSW, start menu shortcut, or any other method you normally use to connect.

    I cannot guarantee the stability of the test server, as it only takes one error in one config file to break something. Accordingly, the test server has been password protected, and the hostname changed.

    hostname " - TEST SERVER"
    sv_password "cl30patra"

    All members of TacticalGamer are welcome to use the test server. However, there are occasions where a succession of restarts are required, and other restrictions or requirements may briefly be imposed on those playing. The password is to prevent non-members joining the server, as they are likely to be less co-operative. Do NOT give the password out to anyone. Direct them to this thread.

    Except in the case of major issues caused by Valve (for example, the recent update), test work will normally be carried out on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and is thus unlikely to affect the vast majority of players.
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