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Dictatorship in CS:S?

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  • Dictatorship in CS:S?

    Not to steal the thread from "Supply and Demand":

    Originally posted by section-8 View Post
    Originally posted by Black_V!per View Post
    Can we put it to a vote?

    X week trial of the new system? I thought it was majority rules? Even if it is just a SM/Admin vote.




    After playing on the server tonight i heard a faint voice say "Dont try the admins, you'll never win", or "Dont even bother with the admins, what they say goes" after a few instances with admins. I dont know names.:icon4:

    (Both from different players other than me)

    Shouldnt votes be used more often than not on TG's CS:S:icon5:

    I dont want to push anyones buttons, but thats what made the NS community here so great, TGNS got me hooked on TG, it got me to be a SM for a few months at one time.

    I know root's gonna hate me for this...

    The community seem's to be afraid of admins here. At least I am. :row__520:

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    Re: Dictatorship in CS:S?

    NS is operated quite differently from every other game here. One thing is common for both games, this is the WRONG method to bring these types of issues up. You should know better if you read the required reading for EITHER of these two games.

    And no. Tactical Gamer is not operated based on popular vote. If we made decisions based on popular decision, we would be just like every other collection of servers out there. We have a direction and people in place that keep us focused on that direction.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to take this to PM and follow the APPROPRIATE channels.
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