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    I'm going to be absent from TG for an unknown period of time, starting this weekend.

    TheBigC is the Acting Game Officer while I am away. All player complaints should continue to be addressed to the admin in question. Unresolved issues ONLY may be escalated to BigC. Our SOP's quite clearly state that any escalation MUST include a FULL history of PM's between yourself and the admin you have been dealing with. Failure to provide this will mean that BigC will NOT entertain your complaint.

    Further escalation is to Apophis, again, with a full PM history of your efforts to resolve the issue with an admin, and with BigC.

    We have sufficient cover that any issues with the physical server, or with the srcds instance, can be resolved without any unnecassary delay.

    I'll be looking forward to gaming with you all in the near future.
    BFCL TF2 league admin

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    Re: Game Officer

    As some of you are aware, I'm now back online. Judging by the content of my PM inbox, it's disturbing how many people don't read stickys.

    I've received a number of PM's from members who think they have been banned from the server. Most of you have been the victim of valve-related shenanigans, rather than admin action.

    I hope to be caught up by Sunday night, at which point normal service will resume.

    BigC has done a fantastic job of keeping things running in my absence, as have the rest of the admin team. Thanks to all of you for your hard work.
    BFCL TF2 league admin




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