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  • Error~ Engine Error

    Er... well I didnt know where to post this, but I frequently have this error and I dont know how to get rid of it. =\

    The error stats.

    "Engine Error <-- Title

    failed to lock vertex buffer in CMeshDX8::LockVertexBuffer"

    Then my counter-strike closes, I get a half-life error, I try to rejoin, and another 2 minutes into the game, I get disconnected. x.o; It's getting really irritating and I have no skills whatsoever on the details about a computer so any help would be appreciated. Right now, the only possible thing I could think of is to reinstall but I don't have the CDs so mmm I'd keep that as last resort.


    Thanks for any help you can give me.

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    Re: Error~ Engine Error

    I had the same issue but it went away after it closed out and i restarted steam
    that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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      Re: Error~ Engine Error

      Do you have Direct X turned down to 8? If so, consider bumping it up to 8.1(?) or back to 9. If it's not at 8 (and if you have no idea then it probably isn't) I think i would take that error message over the the valve tech support.


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        Re: Error~ Engine Error

        Is 9.0 okay?


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          Re: Error~ Engine Error

          ive been having crashes since the latest "update" I'm thinking its a problem with video drivers nvidia has beta drivers out that seemed to fix the problem somewhat not sure about ati
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