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    The server sure has been full a lot lately (definately a great thing), and I've noticed that sometimes it says 17/16 players. Does that 17th player get in there because they're a supporting member? Does that mean I can join anytime, no matter how full the server is? How would I go about becoming a supporting member and what contribution would be desired? I've been wanting to donate to TG anyhow since you guys run such fantastic servers.
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    Re: Supporting Member

    Its great to see that you want to become a SM. I became one for the simple fact that I can get on anytime I want...Here is the link

    You might have some questions regarding where the money goes and here it is straight from the horses (Apophis) mouth;

    Supporting member fees sit in a PayPal/Money market account and are used to pay for all the fees/licenses/etc for TG.

    It costs close to $30,000 a year for our servers, in addition to that there are a few thousands a year in additional licenses, domain renewals, etc. From a back-end perspective, TG is run like an enterprise class business. Our main web and database servers are attached to network attached storage devices and have nightly backups. Things like the NAS array is an additional cost.

    When the TG account gets a nice buffer, we often launch a couple new servers and try out new games. This is usually timed to the release of new titles. When BF2142 or Quake Wars comes out, we're not going to have an existing subscriber base to support those severs. So the "buffer" supports the initial roll-out cost of the server as well as the monthly co-location fees until the game either becomes self-supporting or we determine that the server won't pull its own weight and it's dropped.

    TG leases physical machines, we do NOT buy $49/month 16 slot server rentals from other companies. We go direct to the datacenter and lease co-located machines. This isn't cheap, not by a long shot, but it provides us greater stability and flexibility.
    Plus its great to help the Community out, seeing how they provide the BEST DAMN SERVERS KNOWN TO MAN;)
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      Re: Supporting Member

      The server shows 17/16 players because valve have introduced a new undocumented feature. I believe this one is called "bugger up the server by letting more players join than there are slots".

      If you find yourself kicked without warning, check that you weren't trying to join when 16 players were already on.
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        I think the server has 4 hidden slots, because when I look at the server, and am about to join it says x/16, but when I get in the game, the console says x/20
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