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i got CS:Source for what..?

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  • i got CS:Source for what..?

    ok felas..i used to play CS way back in the day..been several years since i played, but i got CS:Source yesterday as a stocking stuff from the wife...

    been playing BF2 and 2142 for a long time here at TG, so i am not a newb..but i have pretty much forgotten 90% OF CS...

    what patches do i need, map packs..etc...?

    what do you guys recommend...i am sure i can find the server IP's here, as i am only gonna play here at TG...

    c'mon ya'll..let me have it..

    as a sidenote, the disc is a DVD that has Half-life 2 Source, and a couple other things on it..but i only found one CD "KEY" that gonna create any problems..? i have not installed any of them yet..

    thanks in advance..

    TG Birdie in Texas

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    Re: i got CS:Source for what..?

    Welcome to the CS:S branch.
    Steam will automatically update your client after you install. You will have a few Mb to download so set aside some time.
    After that is done you might want to check out and read the SOP's for Counterstrike. They do differ from those on BF2.
    You can also check the forums here for a map pack to download some of the more popular maps that we have in rotation.

    I recommend that you play the Half Life2 game as it does have a pretty good story and is fun especially if you have played the original one that was released...erm..well a ways back.

    As far as the key goes...I am not sure how it's working now but I don't think you need more than one...however I could be wrong.
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      Re: i got CS:Source for what..?

      thanks Tiger..i appreciate it..:)

      i never played HL..sad huh..only CS...:)

      i might, when i get really burned of 2142 and PoE and CS, load up HL2 and give it a shot..:)

      hope to see you on..maybe even tonite..

      thanks again WT..:)


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        Re: i got CS:Source for what..?

        Birdie, ignore whitetiger - he lies. HL2 blows goats. Hang on, so does tiger - that's probably why he's telling you it's good. :D

        You can grab map pack 1 from the SM forum in this thread. Map pack 2 is in the works. Alternatively, you can just let your client download each custom map as you play it.

        Patches / updates are done automatically via steam.

        You'll need to create a steam account, and your CD key will be associated with it. The one key will give you access to HL2 and CSS. If you buy any other steam games, you can have those associated with the same steam account, or if you really wanted, you could create separate accounts.

        You'll want to try and get on a team that has lots of |TG PCS| tags - these are the guys who really get what PCS is about. CSS maps make a 16 player BF2 map look like an entire continent. Be ready for lots of nasty CQB, and don't bother trying to find the prone key - there isn't one.

        Shout me on your preferred IM client if you need any help.
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          Re: i got CS:Source for what..?

          thanks Root..! hope to see you on soon:)


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            Re: i got CS:Source for what..?

            Originally posted by Root View Post
            HL2 blows goats.



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              Re: i got CS:Source for what..?

              You people and your goat-blowing.

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