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Banned for flanking

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  • Banned for flanking

    apparently the name "tactical gamer" is a misnomer, I got banned for "yelling" after being repeatedly kicked. I was playing forward outside on nuke, a teammate went down in ramp room and I pushed the flank. As far as I know this is a valid "DEFENSE" tactic commonly used in the upper eschelons of competetive gaming. I was yelling because no one would listen PERIOD. Yelling to get a point across over the other people.


    If you claim to be a "mature community" then why can there not be any dissenting opinions? I was told to refer to the motd which MENTIONS NOTHING ABOUT CT'S PUSHING. You "defend the bombsites" well if the bomber cannot make it anywhere how is that NOT defending the bombsite? by pushing against outside you are cutting off the most dangerous spot for t's to take. Outside gives flank access to ramp room, flank to heaven and small garage/big garage. By removing this option it is reducing the options the t's have. Small hut is spammable rushing or pushing even out of small hut can be destroyed by the people heaven. Once outside is taken if the t's are holding in lobby they can be flanked and picked apart. Pushing radio room when the t's are holding lobby pushes the choke point up and allows the ct's to pick and fall back. Pushing outside makes the position of the t's obvious if they aren't outside they have to take a choke point to get to an objective. IT'S NOT MY FAULT THAT T SPAWN IS IN THE PATH OF A FLANK FROM OUTSIDE. not only that I only RAN WHEN THE PERSON IN RAMP ROOM WAS KILLED. If I hadn't been arguing about where I was with the team I WOULD HAVE FLANKED THEM BEFORE THEY PLANTED. So, is FLANKING ILLEGAL? My point is valid ONLY IN NUKE. Inferno pushing middle when the t's are in bannana is still defending the bombsite. Same with pushing apartment when the t's are pushing mid.

    I joined tactical gaming on a whim because it was 100tick and playing a decent map that doesn't get too much show on pubs, what I found was a bunch of noobs one with admin who think that nuke is about standing heaven and sitting behind boxes on ramp, the key to nuke ct side is the simple fact that the ct's have a wide range of movement while the t's are vulnerable at every point until they make it bombsite. IF YOU DON'T DECIMATE THE T'S BEFORE THEY MAKE IT INTO THE BOMBSITE YOU LOSE. CT's control the map if they "give" places to the T's they lose all of the advantage the map gives them, IE outside. By pushing outside I was more or less confining the know places the t's could be to one of two spots lobby or radio room.

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    Re: Banned for flanking

    Please have a look at the CS SOPs and FAQs, links in my sig. There you will find the correct way to handle a situation such as this.




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