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  • Appeal

    Hey guys, I began playing on your server when the whole incident with CAL started, and really took a liking to it. I was banned wrongly once, which was then immediately apologized for via the CAL forums PM system by an admin named TG-Apophis. I then come back to play in the server on a certain map in which we the counter terrorists know that the Ts are rushing a certain location, I then procede by myself to flank the terrorists and in the process kill 4 of them. This is a tactical and realistic strategy used in the military today, I believe i was banned wrongly and would appreciate it if i could be unbanned, my steam id is 0:0:12839369 and i actually stood up for your team and your server in the forums where it was being put down and what not...I'd appreciate being unbanned and its a fun server.If i kill 5 members on the opposing team, it shouldnt be considered kill stealing/hogging or what-have-you, if i kill 5 people on the opposing team its because I'm completing my objective the correct way WHILE following your servers rules. I understand that your admins have an itchy trigger finger as a result of all the CAL players, but they should try not to weed out the good ones too :). I'd appreciate being unbanned as I really like your server. Thanks.

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    Re: Appeal

    Welcome to TG jenksz. Please check out our SOPs and FAQs linked in my sig. PM the admin that banned you, or if you dont know who did it, any admin, and basically copying and pasting what you just posted here in public for them :) Public appeals will get you nowhere fast. No matter how good they are :icon20:




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