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  • Remember When!

    I thought this would be a fun post to see how some of you guys and gals started in multiplayer gaming.

    1.) What was the 1st multiplayer game that got you hooked.

    Mine, Aliens Vs Predator

    2.) What was the order of evolution through the various games.

    Mine, 1. Alien Vs Predator

    2. Delta Force
    3. Delta Force 2
    4. Wolfenstien 3d
    5. Battle Field 1942
    6. Medal of Honor 2
    7. Battle Field Vietnam
    8. Lords of the Ring
    9. Battle Field 2 **Never played on TG server, but plan to this week. I need to read up on the rules**
    10. Counter Strike

    I have not jumped into the other games in the TG community, because I still feel like the server for Counter Strike is a challanging and plainly is to much fun.

    I thought this post would be fun for the new guys to share their experiences in the multiplayer ladder and let us new guys in the community know what other server are fun too.

    :) Dunagan

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    Re: Remember When!

    The game that got me hooked on multi-player gaming was this really old text based game with ascii graphics. It was called Operation Overkill and was set in this post-nuclear holocaust world and you moved around on a grid killing npc's and looting gear. Occasionally you would run into another player, but that was rare due to the fact that you had to call in on a local bbs just to play. I think at most there was only 4 players on a really good day. But you could kill and loot players and that's what began my bloodlust.

    Eventually I graduated from ascii bbs games and hit the internet playing games. I can't remember the names of a couple of them, but there was one that was a wwII flight combat game that was a lot of fun. You spawned in at a base and picked the plane you wanted to pilot or you joined a crew in waiting. My favorite was helping man the bombers. This was probably first taste of teamwork in gaming that I had. Later games would eventually include MechWarrior, the Battlefield series, Quake, Everquest, Diablo II, CS:S and so on and soforth. I also got into a lot of console multiplayer gaming. I was a veritable God at Goldeneye. ;)
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      Re: Remember When!

      The very first multiplayer game I played on a home computer was Storm on the MSX. It was a 2 player guantlet rip-off.

      On a proper PC, it was doom.

      Some of the multiplayer highlights along the way were C&C, TA, Z, XvT. TS. Z 2, generals, CS 1.6, CS CZ, CS Source, DoD 1.3, DoD Source, Dystopia, BF2, PoE2, CoD2, DoW and PRM.
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        Re: Remember When!

        CS was my first online game 1999... I havent really wondered to anything else, except for bf1942, DC, and bf2 variations, but all of those were short lived.


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          Re: Remember When!

          For me there is no way that I could tell you which game was my first multiplayer game. The reason is I have over 100 PC games going back as far as far as 15 years old. Doom, Wolfensitine 3D, Heretic, Zaxzon (old school 3D style game for DOS), and Kings Quest. Those are some of the examples of the games I played many years ago. Other then that the other games are about 10 years old or newer. But games have come along from what they were.


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            Re: Remember When!

            HMMM Games I have played forever but first Online and Multi player would possibly be Unreal or Quake.

            Followed but in no order...

            Half Life
            Red Faction
            Unreal Tournament and UT 2004
            Call of Duty

            Now I am stuck in CS:Source land....

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              Re: Remember When!

              Until very recently, the only multiplayer games I played were on a console (N64 and then PS2 and XBox) with my friends all on the same TV screen. I cannot remember all of the console games, and in what order I played them. My first multiplayer game on a PC is Dystopia, and I only started playing that because of the Independent Games Festival (speaking of which, I lost all my other independent games that I decided to try because of the IGF :( )...
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                Re: Remember When!

                Doom was my birth into online gaming. Before that, plenty of action on console and PC, at home play basically. all started with Atari...

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                  Re: Remember When!

                  I spent ages playing Quake or Doom on LAN.
                  But Half-Life 1 was my first jump into online gaming. Those were the days... Now we're stuck with steam. :(

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                    Re: Remember When!

                    LOL, it's all about Combat!

                    Which is better? 3 small planes or the fat one?

                    I miss my 300 baud modem and dual 360K floppy portable PC. It was enough to run a good BBS until a friend thought me about dumpster diving, I got a 10 megabytye HDD out of seagates dumpsters one night which had a few bad sectors. It worked fine for me!

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                      Re: Remember When!

                      Diablo 2
                      Battlefield 1942 was the greatest multiplayer game of all time, and I'm a former addict.
                      Guild Wars also grabbed my attention for some time.

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                        Re: Remember When!

                        First multiplayer game was Team Fortress Classic.

                        The evolution: TFC/NTF, CS, Sven Co-op, The Specialists, Natural Selection, CS:S.

                        I actually forget if CS came first...I never had just one game going at a time. I probably spent the most time stuck on NS, but Neo-Team Fortress has to be a close second.


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                          Re: Remember When!


                          rott (rise of the triad...great gory game)
                          Counter-strike Beta 4....


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                            Re: Remember When!

                            Quake 3 FTW; a few Unreal Tournaments followed, then I found the first real game: Battlefield 1942. That led quickly into Battlefield 2, and then when I started my freshman year in college I picked up CS:Source. I played 1.6 for a little bit over the summer beforehand, but I wasn't very impressed. The need to participate in LAN parties at school forced me to buy in to Source though.
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                              Re: Remember When!

                              I got hooked into quake 3 online for my first online FPS.

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