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    I was wondering if anyone could or someone knows somebody that could make me a surf map and i will pay them. The map i would like is for Condition zero but if the map is made from CS1.6 it still works for condition zero. Thanks Please respond at [email protected]

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    Re: Map Make

    I don't think this is the right section for this post. Before it gets locked, moved, or deleted, i'll try to help ya out.

    You might find it more fun to create this map yourself. Unless you are willing to fork over an unusually large amount of money, I sincerely doubt you will find many willing mappers to take on your project.

    However, if the SDK is too daunting, I would suggest you find a forum that speceficly deals with map-making. Explain your idea in as much detail as possible, and ask if anyone is interested in making it. I imagine there is someone out there who will think your idea is pretty cool and undertake the project for free.

    Just try to work the "creative collaberation" angle, as opposed to the "i'm the boss, buying a map".



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      Re: Map Make

      Here is a resource for all your map making needs, I am sure you will find someone here to help you with your map. I used to map but my time is limited and mapping (good mapping) takes a lot of time.
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