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  • Concerns

    I have started this to show some concerns I have notice happening on the server lately. Some of the members (I will not name names as you know who you are) have been taking some of the rules to the extreme. Here are some of the rules to I have notice.

    1. Hostages as meat shields.
    Some players think that the hostages can be used as meat shields. First this is totally unacceptable they are the objective and doing so is tactically poor. I know that some of you state that in real life the terrorists would do that. But in real life you only have one life and your actions do not follow you to the next round. The minus to your money can hearten your team’s chances to complete the objective next round. Here is a forum that states how hostages should be treated.

    2. Guarding the objective
    It is amazing how many players leave the objective to get to a point to ambush the offensive team. Now I can only object to this so far as sometimes it work and it doesn’t. Let me give an example. Artic Storm, the 4 CT’s entered the top floor and goes through the glass control room to the barracks. They position themselves to exit and enter the waiting room. They open the door flash and exit just as 5 T’s open fire on them. In the ensuing fire fight the CT’s die and three of the T’s. The rest of the CT team has entered via another route. Now the CT’s are out numbered 5 to 4 and have the advantage. Now the T’s have 5 but two of them are heavily injured and can be a liability to the rest of the team. Now that is just plan bad judgment as now the T’s have to rely on the non injured ones to finishes the level. Here are some links to forums that talks about what is acceptable to do about guarding the objective.,,

    3. Going after some one from the opposite team that you know is there
    I know that some of you think that this can be acceptable as long as you communicate. Now I like to point out that if you really look at the legist of it, it can and most of the time is consider kill hunting. Now the admin’s and most all of the regulars would point this out to new players and most of the time they stop. Recently I have noticed regulars doing this. Now I pointed it out to them and they agreed after I informed them of what they did. Now we need to start looking at ourselves and think that examples are we showing to new players.

    Now I find it amazing that some of the regulars are starting to push the limits of the rules and regulations of the community. It is saddening to see that we are no longer following our own rules. Now I’m not saying that the administrator are doing a bad job, but I’d like to see the rules put in plain sight and I’m not just saying the SOP or the MOTD but all in one place and group together. Basically I’m asking the administration to put all rules regulations in one place instead of scattered all over the place. Please let’s be civil and show the Counter Strike community at large that we are different and we can make a difference.

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    Re: Concerns

    There is one place and it's in the SOP forum any objections to player actions on the server can be forwarded to an admin via PM.

    You can reopen a thread in the tactics forum discussing any tactic whether valid or not but any complaints about players goes in a pm to admins (in the SOP's as well).

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