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Hi, Everyone :)

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  • Hi, Everyone :)

    Just wanted to start my posting here with this.

    I'm Johnny. I've been playing on the server for a few weeks and liked the crowd each visit, so I decided to acquantaince myself with the community here. :) I've played with a good number of PCS and TG, and have liked everyone, so far! Thanks for making me, as well as your other players welcome, and I hope to become a good part of this crowd.

    A little info. about myself:
    I'm 17 and an upcoming Senior in High School.
    I'm a sports fan, I've played soccer for about 12 years, and am on the school team. :)
    I wrestle and currently work at a Pool Supply Shop.

    My CS History:
    My first two years of High School I guest-played on one of the Cal-o s6 atl finalists team, with a perfect clan, and played Cal-M for all of s6 with Rainbows and Waterfalls. I've played CS for about ~5-6 years and am loving it. Very casual now, which is why I am happy to meet TG.

    Take care!

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    Re: Hi, Everyone :)

    Welcome to PCS, Johnny! Feel free (and obliged) to familiarize yourself with the SOPs. They're in the section with "Official" in the name (go figure).
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      Re: Hi, Everyone :)

      Thanks, Ednos


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        Re: Hi, Everyone :)

        Welcome aboard Johnny .. Always room for more targets.. lol..j/k.. Hope you enjoy it here.
        I.R. Hogan |TG|

        Discipline is the soul of an army.
        It makes small numbers formidable
        procures success to the weak
        and esteem to all.



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          Re: Hi, Everyone :)

          Welcome Johnny! Have a very fun time (oh and you will) at Tactical Gamer.

          Send any questions you'd like my way or any other Tactical Gamer's way, because we're all more than happy to answer anything. Forums solve conflict as well, but the PCS are demi-gods, so take their words to heart.
          Void Object |TG|
          "So, what's the plan chums?"
          "Er-- don't die."


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            Re: Hi, Everyone :)

            Welcome Johnny... Glad you are enjoying the greatness that is PCS!! Links in me sig for easy perusal of said required reading. :)

            ps-(especially the one about wearing the TG tag) ;)


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              Re: Hi, Everyone :)

              Thanks everyone.


              I'll be sure to become familiar with that, very much. Thank you. =]




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