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Me and Phenom were banned??

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  • Me and Phenom were banned??

    Hello Tactical Gamer Community.

    My friend Phenom and I, with in-game names of "[bc] XploSive" and "[bc] phenom" were banned from the server today at 5:55PM EST.

    (ADMIN) banned player [bc] phenom
    (ADMIN) banned player [bc] XploSive
    You have been banned by Admin for 36000 minutes
    Disconnect: Kicked and banned.
    Disconnect: Kicked and banned.

    We were doing absolutely nothing wrong. One of our other teammates was calling a strategy to rush B every single round on de_strata. All of our teammates TOGETHER were rushing B. There is no reason why myself and phenom should have been singled out. We are very good players with exceptional aim, but other than that we were following every single rule. I understand if an Admin maybe got angry at us for whatever reason because we were playing very well, but that is no reason to ban someone.

    We started playing on your server about 4 days ago and we love the style of game play. We have always followed the rules and we were friendly with many people in the server. I made a lot of new friends in the TG community and I don't understand how someone can just ban us for no reason with no warning whatsoever. Some people that will vouch for us in the TG community would be sparhawwkx, Bronco, Delta, Poe, Extinct, Fransan, and many others.

    We would love to continue playing on the server. As I said, we were doing nothing wrong and were given no warning. We were just flat-out banned. Please help us out. I know that if a player is banned they are supposed to contact the admin that banned them, however we are unaware of which admin that was, which is why I am making this post.

    Our steamids are as follows:

    [bc] XploSive: STEAM_0:0:7765983
    [bc] phenom: STEAM_0:1:2847465

    Thank you.

    - [bc] XploSive

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    Re: Me and Phenom were banned??

    There are ways to handle this. Posting in a public forum isn't one of them. Please read our SOPs and follow the proper path. If you are unsure of the admin who did it, simply PM ANY admin.




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