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Player to player behavior problems lately

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  • Player to player behavior problems lately

    I've been noticing a couple outbreaks of bad behavior between players lately, usually around the later hours. If you find yourself as the recipient of poor behavior please do not post it here or take it upon yourself to lash back in-game.

    As per SOPs, notify an admin. You can talk with admins privately in-game with player-to-admin chat (yes, it does exist, it is teamsay #<space><message>, feel free to test it out sometime in-game), or if an admin is not present in-game use the PM/IM system and contact any CSS admin from the list with relevant information (what happened, when, steam IDs, etc).

    If the poor behavior is getting to you and affecting your game, first try asking the person to ease up, and if that doesn't work, try switching teams or even disconnecting.

    Hollering back or not reporting problems is just going to compound the issue and cause tension among the players. As an admin I'd much rather deal with one player instigating problems and nip that in the bud rather than sorting out multiple players in a drawn out cat-fight.


    Furthermore, I've seen comments regarding "admin abuse" multiple times just this last week. This is a serious charge. Admins slay and kick for a reason, not just to get their jollies off. Usually it is done to stop problematic play or heated moments in their tracks where just text warnings would go unheeded. If you are not clear on why you were punished, it wouldn't hurt to find out. If you suspect admin abuse, follow the SOPs. Yelling this out in-game is very very distruptive not only to the admins but to the players. More than likely such disruptions will result in immediate removal. If you are serious about it, follow the SOPs to deal with it, if you are saying such things to garnish attention or argue over a punishment, don't.


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