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Server Joining and You

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  • Server Joining and You

    It seems to me that I can occasionally kick someone if I force a connection to the server.

    I'm checking to make sure that I understand this correctly. I can NOT kick someone with a forced connection to the server if I am NOT an SM.

    That statement would make this statement false.

    Originally posted by Vulcan
    Certain rights on our servers, including reserved slots, are granted based on the memberships defined in the Tactical Gamer Forums.

    If you have access to the Tactical Gamer Member Forums, your reserved access on the CSS server is automated and dependent only on your having a valid SteamID listed in your Forum Profile.
    Or, perhaps I am reading that wrong.

    I have noticed that if I do force a connection to the server, as stated above, that I can occasionally kick someone. I think this is due to the server picking someone at random to kick if I actually get in to the server. It's only occasionally, and does not work all the time. If the server is 14/14 and I force a connection, 8 out of 10 times I am going to get the "You have been kicked for a reserve slot member," and the other 2 out of 10 times, I will actually get in to the server.

    I may be mislead, but I do see this happening. Last night I connected to the server and someone was kicked. It's entirely possible that an SM and myself connected at the same time, and it kicked someone to open a spot for the SM, which I took, and in turn the SM kicked another person for his spot.

    Not sure if any of the above is fact, but I am seeing a pattern that doesn't agree completely with the above stated server connection policy.

    Yer Mom /O>

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    Re: Server Joining and You

    Bug report thread.

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