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Your fav. CSS TG map?

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  • Your fav. CSS TG map?

    I really enjoy penstock because of the CAT walk, since its great to rush on, or just jump on top of red room, and wait there. Or go through white room to bomb site A - dont forget the sewers! =]

    Your fav. Css TG map?

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    Re: Your fav. CSS TG map?


    I've played the best games I've ever played at TG on that map. Proof that size and Z axis based gameplay are excellent concepts when used thoughtfully. Truly an epic experience to defend, and a thrill to assault. Feels the most "real" of any map I've played.

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      Re: Your fav. CSS TG map?

      There is nothing like hearing the train go by and all of a sudden you see a list of dead players flash across the screen.
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        Re: Your fav. CSS TG map?

        lol BigC havent played that map in forever. My Favorite though would have to be Covert which in my opinion is a Great Tactical map.



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          Re: Your fav. CSS TG map?

          I would have to say its a toss up between cs_apartments and cs_parkhouse.
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            Re: Your fav. CSS TG map?

            Arcticstorm is the best of the cs maps.

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              Re: Your fav. CSS TG map?

              Couldn't tell ya to be honest. I don't remember any maps until we're playing them. I can give you Spar's answer right now though. All of 'em.

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                Re: Your fav. CSS TG map?

                Dam Delta I was gonna say that! You so stole my life :( ok I think there all my favorite but Articstorm is like stacked on top of them :)

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                  Re: Your fav. CSS TG map?

                  I just wanna play compound, tbh.

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                    Re: Your fav. CSS TG map?


                    I love that map.
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                      Re: Your fav. CSS TG map?

                      Kismayo, Hiencienda (spelling?), Articstorm, Militia. These are all my favs but generaly if it has hostages im gonna love it.

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                        Re: Your fav. CSS TG map?


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                          Re: Your fav. CSS TG map?

                          cs_arcticstorm is my favorite hostie map

                          de_urbanwarfare is probably my favorite bomb map (nightfever + sienna close 2nd)


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                            Re: Your fav. CSS TG map?

                            Italy or office for cs_maps and piranesi for de_maps
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                              Re: Your fav. CSS TG map?

                              Definatly piranesi for de maps, and militia for cs.




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