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  • crosshair scripts

    after reading that earlier post on crosshair size i wrote a script to keybind buttons to change crosshair size and color in game to make it easier to adapt.

    // this script is for crosshair size. you might need to adjust your crosshair size //in game though for this one to work. this script is made for my crosshair size //so the default is 1800. depending on what you use this might not work.
    //If you open console and set cl_crosshairscale to any of my chosen size //1000,1300,1500,1800,2000,3000,4000 then this will work or set on of the //sizes closest to your crosshair size to your crosshair size

    alias chup "ch2k"
    alias chdown "ch16"
    alias ch2k "cl_crosshairscale 2000;alias chup ch3k;alias chdown ch18"
    alias ch3k "cl_crosshairscale 3000;alias chup ch4k;alias chdown ch2k"
    alias ch4k "cl_crosshairscale 4000;alias chdown ch3k"
    alias ch18 "cl_crosshairscale 1800;alias chup ch2k;alias chdown ch15"
    alias ch15 "cl_crosshairscale 1500;alias chup ch18;alias chdown ch13"
    alias ch13 "cl_crosshairscale 1300;alias chup ch15;alias chdown ch10"
    alias ch10 "cl_crosshairscale 1000;alias chup ch13"
    bind <insert key here> chup
    bind <insert key here> chdown

    // this is for crosshair color

    alias cup "c2"
    alias cdown "c1"
    alias c1 "cl_crosshaircolor 1;alias cup c2"
    alias c2 "cl_crosshaircolor 2;alias cup c3;alias cdown c1"
    alias c3 "cl_crosshaircolor 3;alias cup c4;alias cdown c2"
    alias c4 "cl_crosshaircolor 4;alias cup c5;alias cdown c3"
    alias c5 "cl_crosshaircolor 5;alias cdown c4"
    bind <insert key here> cup
    bind <insert key here> cdown

    just enter in the key you want and put it in your autoexec file.

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    Re: crosshair scripts

    can you explain what that does?

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      Re: crosshair scripts

      You pick 2 keys for the size change, as the map changes you can make your sight smaller or bigger. Same with the color change. Each time you press the bind it changes, either up or down.
      that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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        Re: crosshair scripts

        Nice, thanks for this.
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          Re: crosshair scripts

          That's some pretty fancy scripting there. I wasn't aware that you could combine commands. There's more to CS:S than meets the eye, I suppose.
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