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A solution for some with Lag.

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  • A solution for some with Lag.

    As of late I have not been around very much due to the fact ArmA is an awsome game and that I was having bad lag problems whenever I played CSS.

    Well I did some alot of tweaking and alot of meddling etc and finally after some frustration and searching I found a solution to the problem, for me atleast. See I am on a wireless router which for gaming is not the best venture in the world and on certain operating systems such as the mains one used around the world XP and Vista. The network adapter periodically poles out to search for available networks every minute or two. Basically what this means is your ping spikes periodically and you lag out for a period ranging from 3-4 seconds or 4-8 seconds every minute or few minutes.

    For me it made the game hardly playable due to the annoyance of knowing I was going to lag out every other minute. So I begin to look and look for a solution and I found several so here goes.

    |Keep in mind that just because this worked for me does not mean that it will work for you, though if you are going through the same problems I was then it most likely will.|

    First off this really only works if you are on a wireless router and perhaps a lined in router. My solution is for Vista because I am on Vista but there is a solution for those on XP also.

    XP Users-
    For those of you on XP you must go and disable your WZC(Wireless Zero Connection). Which is a service automatically built into Windows which does as I stated before ping out from your network adapter to find available networks. To disable this feature you need to hit your start button and hit the run function. After doing this you will need to type in msconfig and proceed to the services tab, once there locate the WZC option and disable it which does require a reboot if i am not mistaken. After doing this it should solve the problem permenatly unless you re-activate it somehow.

    Vista User-
    Now heres where I had all my trouble because everyone before was telling me to disable the WZC and guess what there is no WZC in Vista. Well there is but it isnt called WZC so our option is a little more simple and we dont have to mess with msconfig or anything. I located a small program that had been made that optimizes your ping for your wireless router and it works. It is only for Vista though I do not know if it has been tried on any other OS's but I wouldnt recommend it. So without further adue, here is the link to the program and on the page it has the instructions on how to install and everything else.

    I hope this helps anyone that is having the same problems that I was.


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    Re: A solution for some with Lag.

    Thanks man! I had to move my computer from my home to my office and the network is wireless - it's been killing me!

    No CS:S @ Home + LAG FTL


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      Re: A solution for some with Lag.

      I had this problem before, it turns out it was because my router was faulty/overheating.

      It sounds simple, but it's always worth the check.

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