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  • Troubleshooting

    I've been having problems logging into steam today, just wondering if anyone else is having similar problems or if you know how to fix it *Looks at Vulcan*

    I'm getting this message upon trying to initialize CS:S

    "Platform error: bad module 'Friends/friendsUI.dll', not loading"

    This happens whilst trying to connect to steam and suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Re: Troubleshooting

    Steam Support always tells me this:

    Erase EVERYTHING in your Steam directory EXCEPT Steam.exe and steamapps/, then run Steam.exe and it'll update for you.
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      Re: Troubleshooting

      Thanks for the advice, luckily I did not have to do this. Just retried CS:S and it showed an update download for about 2 seconds and then connected me to steam... very strange.


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        Re: Troubleshooting

        I'm having trouble today.. i try to start CS:S and it just goes to a page that lists different ways to buy CS:S.

        I'm going to try the delete everything and we'll see what happens.

        EDIT: IT worked great for me.
        (of course, I made a copy of the whole steam directory first, JUST in case)
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