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Steam connection problem, help please

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  • Steam connection problem, help please

    I double click on my steam icon to load the game and I get the following message:
    "The game is currently unavailable, please try again at a different time"

    Then, when I try and exit out of steam completely, I get the following error:

    "One or more Steam applications is currenlty running. To exit Steam you must first shut down all Steam applications".

    I truly do not see anything else Steam related open and I have no idea what the problem is. The only solution I found is to restart my rig and this seems to reset the problem somehow.

    Help please folks.

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    Re: Steam connection problem, help please

    I'm not sure about the first problem, maybe something to do with deleting a blob file...

    When I get that second one about app running, sometimes I'll see HL2 still running in task manager for some reason and have to end task. Don't need to reboot. Task manager is available in alt-ctrl-delete menu.

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      Re: Steam connection problem, help please

      yep I'd delete the clientregistry.blob file, do a search in the steam directory.

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        Re: Steam connection problem, help please

        Always with the .blob file... thats the ticket 99% of the time.


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          Re: Steam connection problem, help please

          Those seem like the same problem to me. Sometimes your Source game, which runs as hl2.exe, doesn't terminate properly, which confuses Steam. It checks for the process when it closes so it won't let you close, and the "currently unavailable" error is a generic one, whose reasons include the game's inability to secure resources which are still locked by the hl2.exe process that's still running.

          In case you didn't glean the following from the above, here's a suggestion: open the Task Manager or your preferred process explorer and ensure that the hl2.exe process is *not* running. If it *is* running, kill it and try again, and restart Steam on fail. If failing continues, quit Steam, erase the appropriate files from the Steam directory (that's all of them except Steam.exe and the steamapps/ directory, although you can try just erasing the ClientRegistry.blob file), and try it again.

          Since Windows XP doesn't always properly kill the process when you kill it from the Task Manager, you might have to reboot your computer anyways.
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