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  • CSS vid help

    (first off im not sure if this is the right section to be posting in for this but we'll see)

    I need help with my video that i had made a while back. I had restarted my computer, not thinking that i would need to save the clips i used for the video making, well, i went to edit my movie, and every clip is a red X, and i didint save those files, BUT, i did however save the actual video itself, i cant edit it tho. Is there a way i can edit (resolution and size) the video that i have saved? or does it need to be the file that i can use with Windows Movie Maker?

    (im trying to see if i can shrink it and make it clearer to put on my phone)

    EDIT: Also, where are the recordings saved at in the steam folders? the files that i record from within the console.
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    Re: CSS vid help

    the css general forums for anything css related, this falls under that as far as i can tell.

    not sure about your problem though, might want to go back to your demo files.

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