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    I know the servers have a bunch of mods. One for the bleeding and bandaging, another for the grenades, something to change the weights, and probably Mattie Event Scripts because we are able to throw away our knifes. My question, which nobody is probably thinking about, is Metamod:Source and Sourcemod. Eventually, CSS will be upgraded to Orange Box, since Value will not want to update HL2, HL2:E1, HL2DM, and CSS separately from HL2:E2 and TF2. When this does happen, Metamod will have to be upgraded to 1.6, since version 1.42 will not function correctly, if at all. Sourcemod 1.0 will be released soon, for both versions of Metamod. The only question is, will the servers be upgraded? I am not sure what Mani is planning on doing with his admin plugin. Currently, there are issues with the new source engine that he is working with. Not sure if he will rewrite his plugin to work with Sourcemod, or just leave it as it is now with Metamod. My guess is that the servers here are still using the VSP version, in which case I must say, SHAME ON YOU. I feel that Event Scripts is a rather strange, to have a plugin that is scripted as opposed to natively coded. But the same is true with Sourcemod. The difference, based on what I hear, is that Sourcemod has been optimized more. Not sure if it will make a difference. I have two setups for my server. One with Metamod and Sourcemod, the other with Event Scripts. The Warcraft mod is mad fun, but is written to work only with Event Scripts. Until Pimpin Juice finishes his Warcraft mod, I have no other choice. By the way, I still cannot download maps. Alright, peace.
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