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Let's try this again....

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  • Let's try this again....

    Hello. I'm F.S.F. Reina de Lobos. Your member Kelivut usually plays in our servers.
    I was wondering if you would care to participate in a scrim TG vs FSF?
    possibly 5v5 or whatever we can muster.
    Thank you.


    P.S. Please stay on topic so i dont have to keep posting.pls and thank you. ;p

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    Re: Let's try this again....

    You're doing it wrong.

    • The actual organizing of a scrim will have to be discussed directly with the admins (via PM/Chat) I'm thinking Vulcan is going to be your best bet. You can also use the Contact an Admin forums.
    • Before we can even think about doing that your crew will need to play on our server to get used to our very specific way of doing things. Until they understand the way we play CS it's unrealistic to think we'd be able to agree/enforce/comply with a set of rules for competitive play. In fact, the very nature of competition sort of goes against the TG primer as it implies that simply winning is more important than teamwork and realistic gameplay. Your whole crew will definitely need to give the TG Primer a read first, as well. If, for example, your team has the opportunity to take advantage of the game engine (say, hopping on an unrealistic ledge or firing their weapon while standing on someone else's head) they have to understand that they should deliberately choose not to use that tactic as it violates the philosophy of realistic gameplay, even if at the sacrifice of an easier win.
    • I was told there would be no math.

    If we're going to do it - let's do it right. I'd love to see this happen, just not in a half-cocked sort of way. Am I allowed to say that?
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      Re: Let's try this again....

      I hate to admit it, but tritone is right. I'm certain you know the rules as I've played with you a few times, but as for the rest of your team, they'd have to come on a bit too. I'm sure that you and whomever you talk to can work this out though.

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        Re: Let's try this again....

        It's possible, we'll discuss it via PM reina.

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