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TGU SOP Overhual. (Please read)

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  • TGU SOP Overhual. (Please read)

    We updated the SOP: TGU Training Awards.

    This is a major overhaul of the TGU's award system. This is to reduce the cluter in sigs and not diminish merit of the nomination awards. Please comply to the new SOP by November 22, 2008 or your sig will be removed. There will be more pins added at later dates, we are only rolling out pins that have already been awarded as of November 9th, 2008. These will not be added into the automated Ribbion system when it comes back on-line. These must be manually added. We are in works of a alternative automated system, but it's only on the drawing board at this time.

    Thanks in advance for moving to the new system

    TGU is always in need of active instructors. Please PM Smachin007 for details.
    The soldier formerly known as, Eroak.

    From the TG Primer: 2) Create an environment where there is
    mutual respect for your fellow gamers
    and where all members
    would be working together to advance the enjoyment of their hobby.
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    Re: TGU SOP Overhual. (Please read)

    I would like to give credit to the all the people who worked for this new system over the past few weeks. Aruncado, for the the 2142 pins and layout, Ferris Beuller for the metallic coloring on all of the pins and the development of pins for PR, and to Eroak for helping get everything ready to role. Thanks Guys!!!! It's truly AWESOME!!!!!


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      Re: TGU SOP Overhual. (Please read)

      OK, so I replace my basic infantry ribbon with the pin...

      Are all ribbons going to become pins eventually?
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        Re: TGU SOP Overhual. (Please read)

        i believe anything (classes) through TGU will be a pin from now on, that is my understanding

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          Re: TGU SOP Overhual. (Please read)

          Looks more like dog tags than a pin.
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            Re: TGU SOP Overhual. (Please read)

            All of them have been made pins. Now Snake_Doc get rid of that ugly bugly rifle badge you got for a shiny rifle pin.

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