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servers went down at 2:15am CST

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  • servers went down at 2:15am CST

    and iw as having so much fun by myself too :(

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    Re: servers went down at 2:15am CST

    Damn, and Wyz just left the forums...

    Wyz and Apo are the only ones with the power to restart them, AFAIK.

    Both down for me, BTW...
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      Re: servers went down at 2:15am CST

      The server provider rebooted the box.

      Both servers are now online.
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        Re: servers went down at 2:15am CST

        I had a freaky thing happen that looked like a crash but it turned out to be my crappy assed ISP.
        Less than two hours later the servers are down??!!
        Noooooooo! My bad luck has spread to TG. Awwwwww guys, I'm so sorry. :(
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