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Voice commands?

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  • Voice commands?

    Can we do something were we could do this?

    bind key "+voicerecord"
    bind key "+voicerecord2"

    Where +voicerecord lets you talk to your own team in privacy, and +voicerecord2 allows you to talk to the opposing team. Of course, this would only work while we were dead.

    Can we have a plugin for this? I hate typing something long while I'm dead to the other team, while there are plugins like this. I saw it somewhere, but I'm not sure where it was.

    I think this would be a good idea. Talk to both teams when dead, and still have privacy, and when your alive, you can only talk to your team.

    Could this be looked into? I think this is a good idea :)

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    Re: Voice commands?

    Being social seems fine once we're dead.

    I know of no such plugin for CSS, but I'm not opposed to putting one on the server if no one objects.

    edit: the above is my personal opinion, not an admin decision by any stretch.
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      Re: Voice commands?

      be great for makeing a few bucks as a spy on the side in ns also!!




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