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  • Overlay, key binds, etc....

    I asked this on the server the other day, but I want to ask those who actually run/maintain our CSS servers.

    When I first started playing CS I had the Vicious overlay that set binds for purchases and what I used the most would toggle walk/croutch on/off instead of having to hold it down. Is there one available for CSS that allows me to toggle croutch/walk, or is there something I can mod myself so that I don't have to install an overlay?

    The original xlii folks should know what I'm talking about, I just don't want to install something that may be interpreted as cheating.


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    Re: Overlay, key binds, etc....

    Ahh ya, good old -= Vicious =- overlay.. I'm so going to miss that..

    I havent seen any scripts for CSS yet.. maybe somebody else knows where to find them.


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      Re: Overlay, key binds, etc....

      scripting is basically the same as in HL1 games


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        Re: Overlay, key binds, etc....

        Where the heck is VP? He could whip us up an overlay in no time.
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          Re: Overlay, key binds, etc....

          Originally posted by Hemorrhoids
          Where the heck is VP? He could whip us up an overlay in no time.
          How hard would it be to make one? It was just some bind configs, splash screen, icon and sprites, wasn't it? I think TG should make one. Given the photoshop and scripting talent here, the hardest part would be putting it all into an installer.


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            Re: Overlay, key binds, etc....

            Here's mine

            Create a file called autoexec.cfg in your
            \Valve\Steam\SteamApps\[email protected]\coun ter-strike source\cstrike\cfg

            And paste this in there..
            You can fool around with uncommenting the // lines.. Some of them just make cs look like **** but give you quite a boost in FPS.

            Hitting l turns of Interpolate, makes game really choppy but, more real time no predictions so you aim is dead on. I only use it when im camping and not walking around too much to up the precision.

            f12 is a internet connection speed toggle.. Different speeds for different servers, if you feel like your "chugging" try hit a different speed.

            <-- snip -->
            // cl_interp 0
            // cl_interpolate 0
            // cl_lagcomp_errorcheck 1
            cl_cmdrate 101
            cl_updaterate 101
            cl_rate 25000
            cl_smooth 0
            rate 25000
            bind "k" "cl_interpolate 0"
            bind "l" "cl_interpolate 1"
            // cl_phys_props_enable 0
            // mat_fastnobump 1
            // cl_show_splashes 0
            // mat_bumpmap 0
            // r_lod 5
            // mat_picmip 2
            // r_shadows 0
            // budget_show_history 0
            // cl_ejectbrass 0
            // cl_phys_props_max 0
            // violence_agibs "1"
            // violence_hgibs "1"
            // violence_hblood "1"
            // violence_ablood "1"
            // cl_show_bloodspray "1"

            // configz
            bind "F1" "buy deagle; buy secammo ; buy vesthelm; buy vest;"
            bind "F2" "buy g3sg1; equip"
            bind "F3" "buy mp5navy; buy primammo; buy vesthelm; equip"
            bind "F4" "buy m4a1;buy ak47;equip"
            bind "F5" "buy galil; buy famas; equip"
            bind "F6" "equip"
            bind "F7" "buy p90; equip"
            bind "F8" "buy awp; equip"
            bind "F9" "buy mp5; equip"
            bind "F10" "buy sg550; equip"
            bind "F11" "buy sg552; equip"
            alias "equip" "buy primammo; buy vesthelm; buy vest; buy hegrenade; flashbang; buy defuser; buy flashbang; buy secammo; buy smokegrenade"

            // qUiCkSiLvEr client-side rate control
            echo "rate settings on F12 and keywords: dslow,vslow,slow,norm,fast,vfast,lfast and rates"
            unbind "F12"
            alias "dslow" "rate 2500;cl_updaterate 10;cl_cmdrate 10;ex_interp 0.100; bind F12 vslow;echo dead slow speed"
            alias "vslow" "rate 3500;cl_updaterate 13;cl_cmdrate 13;ex_interp 0.077; bind F12 slow;echo very slow speed"
            alias "slow" "rate 5000;cl_updaterate 15;cl_cmdrate 15;ex_interp 0.067; bind F12 norm;echo slow speed"
            alias "norm" "rate 7500;cl_updaterate 20;cl_cmdrate 30;ex_interp 0.050; bind F12 fast;echo normal speed"
            alias "fast" "rate 9999;cl_updaterate 30;cl_cmdrate 40;ex_interp 0.033; bind F12 vfast;echo fast speed"
            alias "vfast" "rate 20000;cl_updaterate 60;cl_cmdrate 60;ex_interp 0.017; bind F12 lfast;echo blazing speed!"
            alias "lfast" "rate 20000;cl_updaterate 100;cl_cmdrate 100;ex_interp 0.010;bind F12 dslow;echo LAN blazing speed!"
            bind "F12" "slow"
            alias "rates" "rate;cl_updaterate;cl_cmdrate;ex_interp"

            <-- snip -->


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              Re: Overlay, key binds, etc....

              Here is one that would do what you want.


              Hope it helps

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                Re: Overlay, key binds, etc....

                Here's an easy walk bind, courtesy of Twisted:

                alias walk_t "walk_on"
                alias walk_on "alias walk_t walk_off; +speed; developer 1; echo Walking enabled; developer 0"
                alias walk_off "alias walk_t walk_on; -speed; developer 1; echo Running enabled; developer 0"
                bind "CAPSLOCK" "walk_t"
                In my case, I use CAPSLOCK, you can use something different.

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                  Re: Overlay, key binds, etc....

                  wow for all you new guys to cs check out they have exactly what your looking. Stay away from some of it though because some of it is considered hacking like changing firerates and so forth. and nade spamming scripts... not cool.


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                    Re: Overlay, key binds, etc....

                    Thanks for all the responses guys! It looks like the one from punkassfraggers will do everything that I need for it to do. :)

                    The Muffin Man


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                      Re: Overlay, key binds, etc....

                      good stuff i needed that scripter as well!

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