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Grenade Cycle Script, and other stories

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  • Grenade Cycle Script, and other stories

    (By popular request.)

    Each of these snippets should go into your autoexec.cfg (not your config.cfg). You can find the file in your cstrike/cfg directory. For me, that's G:\Games\Steam\steamapps\pythex\counter-strike source\cstrike\cfg. If the file isn't there, create it--it's just a text file.

    In this post:
    • Grenade Cycle
    • Weapon Cycle
    • Crouch Toggle
    • Connection Shortcuts

    Grenade Cycle

    The idea behind the grenade cycle is that you don't need to click to actually equip the grenade. Pressing your grenade button (middle mouse for me) equips each grenade in order. If you don't have the grenade, it pulls out the next one in the list. I haven't made it perfect, and I'm not entirely convinced it's possible yet, although I'm still trying. Right now, if you have a flashbang and a smoke grenade, you'll cycle through the flashbang twice. (The same thing happens for other missing grenades.) This is a compromise; the alternative was nothing happening when trying to equip the missing grenade.

    Add this anywhere in your autoexec.cfg, replacing "mouse3" on the final line with the name of the key you want to use to cycle grenades:
    // *** Grenade Cycle ***
    //Grenade priority: frag, flash, smoke (default CS:S order)
    alias ed_use_grenade "ed_grenade_slot1"
    //For frag, try smoke, then flash (reverse priority)
    alias ed_grenade_slot1 "use weapon_smokegrenade;use weapon_flashbang;use weapon_hegrenade;alias ed_use_grenade ed_grenade_slot2"
    //For flash, try frag, then smoke (reverse priority)
    alias ed_grenade_slot2 "use weapon_hegrenade;use weapon_smokegrenade;use weapon_flashbang;alias ed_use_grenade ed_grenade_slot3"
    //For smoke, try flash, then frag (reverse priority)
    alias ed_grenade_slot3 "use weapon_flashbang;use weapon_hegrenade;use weapon_smokegrenade;alias ed_use_grenade ed_grenade_slot1"
    bind mouse3 "ed_use_grenade"
    Weapon Cycle

    The next step was modifying the quick swap. Instead of returning to the previous weapon, it switches between the rifle and the pistol. I have this bound to Q, so whenever I hit that, I'm guaranteed to pull out a gun (any gun) if I have one.

    Add this anywhere in your autoexec.cfg, replacing "q" on the final line with the name of the key you want to use to cycle weapons:
    // *** Weapon Cycle ***
    // Credit to |TG-303rd|Turbo for initial weapon list
    alias ed_weapon_swap "ed_use_primary"
    //One alias for actually selecting the weapons to avoid loops
    alias ed_weapon_primary "use weapon_scout;use weapon_m4a1;use weapon_ak47;use weapon_galil;use weapon_sg552;use weapon_awp;use weapon_g3sg1;use weapon_famas;use weapon_aug;use weapon_sg550;use weapon_mac10;use weapon_tmp;use weapon_mp5navy;use weapon_m249;use weapon_xm1014;use weapon_m3;use weapon_ump45;use weapon_p90"
    alias ed_weapon_secondary "use weapon_glock;use weapon_usp;use weapon_p228;use weapon_deagle;use weapon_elite;use weapon_fiveseven"
    //Try to pull out the secondary first, just in case we have no primary
    alias ed_use_primary "ed_weapon_secondary;ed_weapon_primary;alias ed_weapon_swap ed_use_secondary"
    //Try to pull out the primary first, just in case we have no secondary (scoutzknivez)
    alias ed_use_secondary "ed_weapon_primary;ed_weapon_secondary;alias ed_weapon_swap ed_use_primary"
    bind q "ed_weapon_swap"
    Crouch Toggle

    I also have a separate button (Z) bound to toggle my crouched status. There are two things you should note while using this:
    1. If you are crouched when you die or at the end of the round, you will begin the next round moving very slowly. Just hit the crouch toggle key again and you'll return to normal speed.
    2. If you use your "walk" key while crouched, you'll move even slower than slow. Don't do that.

    Add this anywhere in your autoexec.cfg, replacing "z" on the final line with the name of the key you want to use to toggle crouching:
    // *** Crouch Toggle ***
    alias ed_duck_toggle "ed_duck_on"
    alias ed_duck_on "alias ed_duck_toggle ed_duck_off;+duck"
    alias ed_duck_off "alias ed_duck_toggle ed_duck_on;-duck"
    bind z "ed_duck_toggle"
    Connection Shortcuts

    I don't use desktop shortcuts, but the server is usually full, and as a supporting member, I'm entitled to my slot on the PCS server! I initially only used an alias and opened the console every time, but I decided to bind it to a key as well. There's also a key for reconnecting immediately, because I have to do it so often to counter the myriad of Source bugs plaguing my setup.

    Add this anywhere in your autoexec.cfg, replacing "F11" and "F12" on the final lines with the names of the keys you want to use to connect and reconnect:
    // *** Server Connections ***
    alias tg "connect"
    bind F12 "tg"
    bind F11 "retry"
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    Re: Grenade Cycle Script, and other stories

    Cool thanks!


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      Re: Grenade Cycle Script, and other stories

      dang Ed, thanks!! I mean really thanks alot. i know i'll be using at the very least two of these the next time i join the server :D

      Ohhh, and dont worry turbo- Thanks to you as well :P
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        Re: Grenade Cycle Script, and other stories

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