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  • New team needs webmaster

    Hey guys some of you may have seen three of us sporting the tags s|F. Me jew and fox are starting a new clan and are not yet recruiting but working out some administrative details. However I have took upon myself to look for a webdesigner for the clan. The position would be for someone that wants to be a part of this new team and is highly qualified in various design elements. I can build and mainitain a site myself but I believe things turn out better when more then one person works on it. I mainly need some1 who can handle the scripting. Now a little about what sF or ShadowForce is going to be about. Ever since I started playing tactical fps games...starting with CS 1.6 I've had a desire to combine and use the various elements of a few games and combine them into one to build a strong tactical team. We are actually starting this team not for Source but for the hope of competing in Battlefield 2. However we are recruiting in Source because well we want to compete in CAL with source and we believe that the CQB training involved in CSS will make our team stronger when we get to larger things like bf2. Now if you are interested in taking this webmaster position post some of your work but if you think you might be interested in joining the team give us a few weeks to work out details and make the administration and recruitment processes defined. Enjoy gaming guys and looking forward to your replies.
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    Re: New team needs webmaster

    I would like to be considered for this. I've been developing since 1995. The company I work for ( would not appreciate me posting the code I write for them, but if you PM me your email, I would be happy to provide you some examples. I've been working mostly on Smart Clients for the last few years, but if what you need is a backend coder, I'd put my code up against anyone's.




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