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What can be done in a map vs. a mod?

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  • What can be done in a map vs. a mod?

    After hearing some of the suggestions for an urban map, I had a few questions on what "can" be done in a map vs. a mod.

    For example, can a new kit be created that is a health pack or med kit?? What about new grenades? Or making a "real" person the target, as was suggested?

    Can you include that type of stuff with a new map? Or is a map only new models / skins / sounds?
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    Re: What can be done in a map vs. a mod?

    that really depends on where valve takes CS. A mod can do anything as it has the source code to source. Cs can't do many of those things as it stands but i know HL2 has the ability and then some.

    To answer your question a mod can do it all, CS we dunno. Look for TFC2 to come out though, all our favorite mods most likely will come.

    Designing a map is a different league though. All the maps can be converted to different mods. So if you have a good map that's in CS you can take it to another mod, it just needs a little editing.

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      Re: What can be done in a map vs. a mod?

      A map can unlock things that might not show up in cs:s a lot. For example, it was possible with a modified FGD file to add a lot of entities from half-life that weren't intended to be in CS to CS. But in the case of CS:S it is unlikely what you'd want would happen to be sitting there in the code just waiting.

      It is also important to note there are two kinds of mods: cs:s mods (like metamod, amx of the past), or a whole half-life mod. A half-life mod can do _almost_ anything. It still needs to do the basic half-life stuff like load maps, render things a certain way, etc, but within those confines almost anything is possible.

      Health pack and new grenades could probably be done as a server mod. Changing basic gameplay rules might require more complicated changes, resulting in a half life mod.




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