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Obviouly an oversight

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  • Obviouly an oversight

    Junglerescue is the current map on the semi-private server and no one is playing.
    Words fail me. What gives?

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    Re: Obviouly an oversight

    It's noon on a weekday. Most of us work.
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      Re: Obviouly an oversight

      uh, yeah. browsing forum during lunch, ok. Playing CS:S? probably not. I wish I could though!


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        Re: Obviouly an oversight

        I don't especially see it as a problem mid-day on a weekday, but I do see a problem durring off times. Later on in the afternoon, all day on weekends. Vulcan worked VERY hard to make TG a PCS map and half of us won't even take the time to download it and look.

        This disturbs me. Not so much as to be offensive in this post, but enough to voice my opinion about it.

        If I were any better at mapping, then my contribution would be to the map, but I suck at mapping, so my contribution to Vulcan, and his efforts, is this. Download the faking map and play it. It's gonna take 5 minutes of your time.

        How hard is that to deal with?

        Yer Mom /O>

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          Re: Obviouly an oversight

          I am such a loser that im always checking to see if people are on at any the mornings too...

          I love the map and would like to play more of it with you TGers.



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            Re: Obviouly an oversight

            sometimes i see people playing afternoons sometimes i don't.

            Mostly i noticed that people look during the afternoons but never join because nobody else is there, and i think everybody does that till about 4 or 5 pm EST.

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              Re: Obviouly an oversight

              [H] servers have a few bots playing on their servers till people join up.. when people join the bots dissapear.. its a good idea to get people in there.. :)
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                Re: Obviouly an oversight

                I'm okay with a couple bots till we get maybe 4-6 people on the server. I've been wishing more people would play on the semi-private server but it's rarely being used.




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