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    I was just kind of taking a look at it and I felt like it would be a lot more interesting if it had these models in this order.

    the Scientist from HL1 (nothing/knife)
    the Barney from HL1 (w/pistol)
    (the DOD Axis soldier (w/rifle))
    (the DOD Allied soldier (w/rifle))
    the HL1 Soldier (w/shotgun)
    the HL1 BlackOps (w/shotgun)
    the CS:S Terrorist (w/AK-47)
    the CS:S Counter-Terrorist (w/M4A1)
    the Rebel from HL2 (w/machine gun)
    the Combine from HL2 (w/antimatter-machine gun)
    the N-S Heavy Marine (w/heavy machine gun)

    Of course you would be keeping the same evolution style. Just give it some thought, I know it would be hard to design but it would look really kickass, not that the existing one doesnt but still im bored and thinking. () means im not really sure if it fits but still...
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