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Not Following Rules/Disrespect! :(

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  • Not Following Rules/Disrespect! :(


    I'd have to say today was one of the worst times i have had on the TG CSS Server #1. There was an abundance of this:

    Console: CTs should not be at T spawn
    ^SS^ BuncheS : we dont know where t spawn is
    Special K : i certainly dont
    Special K : dont know where ANYthing is
    Console: Stay with your team then, They will show you!
    ^SS^ BuncheS : just let us look around
    Console: Our Regs and Members would like to play a Tactical Game...Plz play by our rules!
    Ac!dWeapons : lastime the admin killed me caouse i didnt know where teh bomb sites were
    Ac!dWeapons : lead teh way
    Console: why are CTs not watching Bomb sites
    Special K : im lost!
    Console: Were you not instructed to stay with your team then?
    Special K : we were both lost
    Special K : just let me do what i am doing
    Kick: "Special K<857><STEAM_0:1:6038404><>"
    Special K : what did i do again?
    Console : Need you be kicked again?
    Special K : ah
    ^SS^ BuncheS : he isnt rushing lol
    Special K : never happen again
    ^SS^ BuncheS : he did what you said to...
    Console : At what time did I tell you to rush T spawn?
    Console: If you are not going to stay at bomb will be kicked from our server
    Console: This Is A PCS Server, Rushing Will Not Be Tolerated
    Special K : my fault there
    ^SS^ | dup : DONT KNOW MAP
    |TG| Monkerz : Then plz go to a bomb site and stay there orleave till you know the map!
    Special K : that's weird, first im told to go look around the map and get a feel for it, then im told to guard bomb sites
    |TG| Monkerz : Who said look around
    |TG| Monkerz : not me
    ^SS^ BuncheS : you did...
    Special K : yeah
    |TG| Monkerz : when
    ^SS^ BuncheS : you guys said follow someone to look around
    Special K : before
    |TG| Monkerz : quote me on it
    Special K : "follow your friends and look around"
    |TG| Monkerz : I said follow a teammate to a bomb site
    Special K : no
    |TG| Monkerz : Look dont disrespect...follow the rules or LEAVE
    Special K : im pointing out a simple correction on your judgment
    |TG| Monkerz : I have made NO false Judgement
    Special K : ok God
    Console: FOLLOW THE RULES....i just want everyone one to have fun....rushing is FUN for NO one
    Special K : ok
    ^SS^ BuncheS : TG isnt that good of a clan are you guys?
    |TG| Monkerz : Not when i am trying to play & admin ppl like you
    ^SS^ BuncheS : And why is it not fun?
    ^SS^ BuncheS : Because you get owned lol
    Special K : :D
    ^SS^ BuncheS : DAMN you guys ****ing suck
    ^SS^ BuncheS : you let me kil l5 of you
    ^SS^ BuncheS : with one clip
    Special K : i was watchin
    Special K : funny
    ^SS^ BuncheS : So **** you guys
    ^SS^ BuncheS : this server ******* i n g sucks
    Kick: "^SS^ BuncheS<853><STEAM_0:0:2752824><>"
    Ac!dWeapons : that makes all the diff in the world

    I DO now know what admins go through!

    I do really think the Slay option would be nice!

    Allen: Yeah, you're right.
    Monkerz: I think "that" in its self proves my intelligence greater than yours, thus joo have just been pwnt by Monkerz!

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    Re: Not Following Rules/Disrespect! :(

    You can kick but you can't slay?
    It's a game. Keep it real. Keep it fun.



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      Re: Not Following Rules/Disrespect! :(

      btw, I don't know if this works for temp admins. But if I kick someone 3 times in a row, they are auto-banned for a couple of hours.

      Perhaps that knowledge will help you in situations like that.
      It's a game. Keep it real. Keep it fun.



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        Re: Not Following Rules/Disrespect! :(

        Ayup, thankz K2, but i have can across that already at one you think i handled myself ok?

        Is there any need for improvement on what i did?

        Allen: Yeah, you're right.
        Monkerz: I think "that" in its self proves my intelligence greater than yours, thus joo have just been pwnt by Monkerz!


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          Re: Not Following Rules/Disrespect! :(

          Not sure if this applies in this case, Monkz, but a bit of advice Samurai shared with me that i've found very useful sometimes, is once you've kicked someone for something...then don't talk, discuss or argue with them again if they come back on server.

          If you think they need help and they're genuinely trying to learn then fair enough, but if they're being complete ***** then boot and ignore them, and boot them again if needed.


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            Re: Not Following Rules/Disrespect! :(

            Second what 9v said. Console messages are not for conversations.


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              Re: Not Following Rules/Disrespect! :(

              Without context for the discussion, it looks like they were initially new to the map and lost. In that situation we (i.e. TG) should be doing our best to help them understand the map along with our rules. That's part of what makes TG great.

              Now, if they were just using the "new map" thing as an excuse to go roaming and gunning, then we should handle that with less tolerance. And once they started showing disrespect for our players, server and community, then there is no need to put up with them.

              I'll have to look into the no slay thing. I don't remember if temp admins have that or not.

              In situations like this, we all need to show a bit of patience with the new players. It does suck because that means you have to sacrifice game play (for yourself at least), to help these players out. It's not always fun, but that's the life of the admin.
              |TG-12th| asch


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                Re: Not Following Rules/Disrespect! :(

                Its not that i was impatient, it was that nomatter what i said....they disobeyed....

                that was just the end of our 3 round conversation...I was as patient as i could be....just every map they felt like they should go and get the most kills of their team!
                Allen: Yeah, you're right.
                Monkerz: I think "that" in its self proves my intelligence greater than yours, thus joo have just been pwnt by Monkerz!


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                  Re: Not Following Rules/Disrespect! :(

                  did you paste all this from console? in other words, is this what was said verbatim? if so, it seems that they were getting to you; that's the only thing I can figure you did wrong. If a pubbie is starting to heckle you and it's obvious that you're bothered then you're just fanning the flames, just be cold and dispassionate if at all possible when you're stuck being the enforcer.


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                    Re: Not Following Rules/Disrespect! :(

                    Yes a steady dose of this all night can be a real drag for the Admin. Instead of playing the game you find yourself babysitting. It's a real judement call. If the player is new to the stlye, and truely not aware, then of course you try to teach the person. Sometimes these people learn, and like the style. They end up becomming a regular player. On the other hand there is always smacktards out there trying to cause problems. Personally If I think the player is in the latter type I ban them right away. This may seem harsh, but I have found that kicking, or slaying them just causes them to rejoin the game to TK everyone, and ruin the round.

                    A good man stands up for himself. A great man stands up for others.


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                      Re: Not Following Rules/Disrespect! :(

                      woah, that's bad. honesty, TG members are like policemen now *sigh*


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                        Re: Not Following Rules/Disrespect! :(

                        IMO you did fine.

                        I do the same thing without hesitation.

                        If I have a new player who is responsive to console messages and coaching they will be fine.

                        If I'm disrepected for my attempts to coach them on our style of play they get warned and then kicked if it continues.

                        If they come back they get kicked immediately after the first disrespecting thing they type or say.

                        If they come back a third time I kick them as soon as I see their name has joined no chance to cause problems again, and the autoban gives them a 120 minute timeout.

                        Game, set, match, they lose out not me. I'm not going to waste my precious game playing time on them.
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                          Re: Not Following Rules/Disrespect! :(

                          Ok I was in this game and know exactly what monkerz is talking about I remember the BullSTAR well. These guys were bladent and everyone was trying to be as polite as possible. I think monkerz did a fine job of handling it even giving them three rounds of talking and waiting and they still were going to T spawn. I personally was about to kick him when it happened. Anyways, this person was bladently ingoring what others and myself were saying about rushing and following thier objectives. They said they were new to the map but even after a few rounds they kept doing it. They would respond to T pushes like they knew thier way around the map. So it's hard to say if they were just using an excuse that they were "new" to the map ot allow them DM freedoms.

                          In the end I felt Monkerz did a great job at handling the disrespect we all recieved that night.


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                            Re: Not Following Rules/Disrespect! :(

                            Someone posted a thread here recently which was basically a manual from go4t(sp?) on how to rage. There was a place to post your rages. I can't remember the site, but I would be shocked if this transcript isn't soon posted there. This was text-book raging. I, for one, support the idea of hunting down anyone who sports the go4t(sp?) tags even on pubbies and permantly banning them.


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                              Re: Not Following Rules/Disrespect! :(

                              In the instance that this happens again, I'd like to redirect the entire community to the form of names.

                              If you will notice, both of the names were capitalized. This, in most internet cases, means nothing, but as far as CS goes, it means that they are RELATIVELY experienced. Most capitalization in names does not come untill atleast 2 weeks of playing. This isn't ALWAYS a definate, but most of the time a good possibility.

                              Secondly, clan tags. Clan tags for people who don't know the map = dumb people trying to piss admins off. Kick after second warning, no matter what the excuse. I don't care if they repeat over and over and over that they are new, if they have clan tags on, they should atleast know the maps.

                              Thirdly, names in general. Ac!d isn't exactly a newbies name. Most newbies would've put Acid instead of Ac!d. The ! is for good looks. Newbies to the game don't care about looks because they do not know the... critisizm that is recieved from fellow players. In most pubby servers, if you do not make fun of, critisize, or laugh publicly at someone, you are never recognized. You are just another face in the pubby crowd.

                              And finally, context.

                              Ac!dWeapons : lastime the admin killed me caouse i didnt know where teh bomb sites were
                              Ac!dWeapons : lead teh way

                              The context of teh in both of those sentences was where I noticed that this guy, and probably whoever he was taking up for, knew exactly what was going on. I did notice a few other mistakes in his typing, but if you notice in the word "where" the e isn't before the h, yet he is using the same fingers to type both words. Teh.

                              There is only one thing I would have done differently there, Monkerz.

                              ^SS^ BuncheS : TG isnt that good of a clan are you guys?

                              Everything above that was after this sentence would have not been said. I never have nor never will tolerate, or warn, people for disrespecting us as a community. The way I see it is that if you were interested in joining us and growing up as an individual, you would NOT say that at all.

                              That's just my 2 cents

                              Yer Mom /O>

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