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I got scammed.

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  • I got scammed.

    this here is Fossil.

    i would like to say that fransan sent me a message in steam saying something about a gifted game so i clicked on it and entered steam info then my account got hijacked.

    luckily i own a computer business and well have a lot of pc tech that know their way around a pc and know how to track ppl down.

    needless to say. i will find out who did this and they will be prosecuted. NO JOKE!!!!

    anywho just thought you guys might wanna know!!!

    btw im offering a $50 reward to whoever gets me the info first. my team or someone else.

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    re: I got scammed.

    Fransan's account got hijacked a while ago. This is probably not his fault.
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      re: I got scammed.

      oh really

      well my bad but it's bull****.

      anywho im pretty confident im gonna get my acct back


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        re: I got scammed.

        Never enter your info anywhere but the official Steam website. Always follow the rule that if it is too good to be true....
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          re: I got scammed.

          yep it says right in the subscriber agreement, they will never ask for your account name and password.

          You aren't the first either. There were a number of users affected in the past 2 months.

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            Re: I got scammed.

            Luckily I'm a paranoid schitzophrenic and I outnumber myself two to one. I don't tell anyone anything. Which explains my plans in CSS.
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              Re: I got scammed.

              well how long ago did my account send you this info? because i been gone doing a Turny and only got back about a week or two now? cause is i got hacked ago i need to redo ever thing. and a way to get your account back would be to follow this
              it will take a little time to do so but you will get it back




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