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It's pretty disappointing...

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  • It's pretty disappointing...

    Events such as the recent tournament that Tempus organized are events that should help enrich our community. They should make for a welcome addition to our everyday play. A time for us to group together and demonstrate what we have learned and the skills we have honed.

    These are TEAM events, but they are also COMMUNITY events.

    Seeing the responses from this latest tournament, in some cases the disregard for the PCS philosophy that guides the play in our CS community, and the disrespect towards other players is seriously disappointing to me.

    In the old days we used to do these events as well, Boing and OIJ had quite a number of matches and we ALL laughed, drank, and had a great time. We played by the PCS rules and understood that our focus was our team and our objectives. At the end of the day we laughed about who got killed by who, and when we were going to do it again next.

    Too much emphasis is placed these days on "how far can we push it" and "how far forward can we go" and "how can I manipulate these rules so I can get away with doing whatever I feel like". If some of you people put as much emphasis in concentrating on your objectives and working with your team to meet those objectives, you'd be a lot better off.

    This game, and the PCS rules that guide it here at TG, can make for an EXCELLENT competitive and fun environment. Just ask those regulars that have been here for years. Ask Cingular, ask Tempus, ask Random, ask Overlag. Find out how much fun this game can be when your concentration and efforts are put in the right direction.

    You know, we used to regularly congratulate the other team at the end of a match for their fine teamwork, strong communication skills and ability to own us during a round. That's a far cry from having to feel cheated because someone had the gall to completely ignore PCS and start sniping the offensive team's spawn.... That ticks me off.

    A little more maturity, a little more respect, and a LOT more integrity is needed here.

    I would like to see Tempus be able to organize another event and pull it off like the days of old.
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