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progress on the jungle

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  • progress on the jungle

    I've changed all the problems people were having, the stuck spots, the exploits of the map. I've also cleaned some things out, like the cave coming out at the forest, the ruins hallway with the pottery. The drop damage and buying in the sky are no longer there. You can buy once you are on the ground.

    The big things i've done,
    I added another cave in the lake underwater. It connects with the T side cave.

    I've also added rocks in the once flat area so that there is some cover besides just trees and plants visually.

    I'm going to reduce the fog a bit to increase visibility.

    I would like to do a new Tree model, because i lost all my original work as you might recall. I recall Noel saying he could model some, but if anybody else who can model would like to do something let me know.

    As of right now, i'm going to release a beta 4 with all the fixes and current changes in the very near future.

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    Re: progress on the jungle

    As soon as you give me a link Vulcan, I'll get it on the server.

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      Re: progress on the jungle

      I've been procrastinating with that tree model :)

      I'll eventually do it. I think. I know I can.. just don't feel like it (very tired -- not the depressed sort of tired though, the tired where you're tired 'cause of some physical labor [that you hate doing]) at the moment.




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