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    I was just playing Office on of the the servers and got kinda dissappointed in the way that some of the sounds are. Some of them are extremely loud and unneccessary. For example the phones that sit on the wooden table, when you walk up to this fast enough it makes a gawd-awful racket that can be heard far away. Same with the footstep when you fall off something, its not loud but that sound goes relly far into the map. Like on Havana:
    lets say that you are a ct and are heading toward the drainpipe (waliking this whole time). You decide to turn left instead and go in the room (dont know what its called). You stay there for a little while and decide you do actually want to back up the drainpipe. Your all good, nobody knows you are here and the SMACK! Your Thunderboots make a sound that can be heard a story above you. Just because you stepped off the sidewalk.
    It just makes me mad that I can get kills/get killed by hearing somone run into a phone or trashcan or radio on Office.
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