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    Please post any thoughts you have on this map here! Let's help Oreo perfect this map! :row__593:

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    Re: de_zenith (All Versions)

    The map is a little odd but I like the different dynamics of the bombsites. Where A should be very difficult to get to for Ts its almost impossible to defuse with all the camping spots available. B is pretty much the opposite, with cts pouring in from all angles. As for suggestions, I thought the sewers were a little limited. Maybe if you replaced half the fork leading into the center cat-walk room with a ladder up from sewer it would make them a little more useable. The way they are now it's use is limited to 1 or 2 people who would rush it and protect the flank of the main B force. It's really hard to tell though, in the 2 games we played, the middle area was largely unused by the Ts who stuck to rushing in the front door of either site and planting before the confused and lost cts could respond so it's hard to really judge the usefullness. It seems that if it were played right it would be fairly ct sided, at least with decent sized teams.

    I also got a couple of pink rectangles in the B bombsite.

    Also, if I remember right, the building in the A site could use bigger windows. It's a deadly effective pillbox for the ts once the bomb is planted. Not so much for the cts defending.

    Good work on it.




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