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  • de_sidewalk

    What do people think of this map and can you come up with any potential ways to improve it if need be?

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    Re: de_sidewalk

    The biggest complaint about this map I hear from others is that it is too open (ie. not enough cover). While this isnt exactly always true, it is truer for bombsite A, unless you get creative (go mid hugging walls, via "alley with water tower", or "B wall hug street to room under roof, to A"). This really tends to cut down on the option of taking A streets as either:

    1. CTs cover it from the rooftops which makes it impossible to get to.
    2. Ts cover A site from the truck/boxes which makes it impossible for the CTs to really be up in there.

    This means the Ts will generally try 3-4 other strategies.

    Water Tank Alley Rush -> A
    Water Tank Alley Rush -> Split A-B
    Water Tank Alley Rush -> Roof Control -> A or B
    Rush B Street -> Room under Roof -> A or B
    Rush B Street -> B bombsite or great position on covering B
    Pickoff Strat -> Sent scouter to A and B streets for softening defenses
    Diversion -> B or A streets, to opposite bombsite
    Diversion -> To ct spawn, then around to B. However this is a bad choice due to distance traveled.

    Whats it all look like? They all come from basically one direction. Which means the CTs, placed properly will have no problem defending against any except the rushing or sniping parts. Even the rushing strats are dead heats to the roof building, which makes the combat closer, and gives the CTs an advantage especially if they use flashes to slow a T rush.

    So how to improve this? I think hollowing out the building to the right of A bombsite and A street in a way that allows cover for the CTs, and an extra path for the Ts to get to A from inside. Then add a bus to the street to narrow scout LOS from the street but enable scouting through window/doors into the 2 new hollowed out buildings. Remove the freighter cargo from A and place boxes in there instead.

    And if you want to make even bigger changes, remove the roof so that CTs cant get onto the roof, move the A bombsite into the newly hollowed building to the right of the site, and shift the B bombsite into the courtyard to the right of CT spawn so its much closer. Then reroute the A street to go diagonally across towards CT spawn, and provide extra cover, allowing essentially 2-3 paths to get to B (the long route), and 2 paths to get to A, (short route) by cutting off A from what is now considered A street. Ts would still be able to rush B and use the previous B site as a means to get to the B bombsite, or exchange fire at the wreakage on B street side. Or go around the opposite side to B from CT spawn, preferably with the option of using the white building to the left of A spawn as some sort of cover (say, it has windows on its west face, but inside allows them to walk to B from the left approach.

    Anyways this might be way confusing without me drawing up some maps.


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      Re: de_sidewalk

      Some drawings would be good, or doctored screenshots to show what you're thinking of. Altering the bsp is a problem though as a decompile of the map can lead to things like missing textures, errors in entities and such. Even a recompile after the changes have been may cause further screw ups. The best that can be done is moving entities around the map using Entspy which doesn't require a decompile/recompile for the changes to be permanent.


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        Re: de_sidewalk

        this map is WAY too tiny. and the Terrorists get to the bombsite same time as the CTs...its another dust and needs to be removed.


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          Re: de_sidewalk

          I take back my previous post. I was talking about de_forklift.




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